History is Made as Gwadar Port Becomes Operational

“Efforts of the federal and provincial governments and the Pakistan Army have remained successful in making the people of Balochistan stakeholder in CPEC,” said the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif as he presided over the Trade Pilot Project ceremony in Gwadar.

He was speaking at the historic launch of Gwadar Port, which is being billed as the world’s largest deep sea port, as it marked the start of its first ever trade activity in the region.

“Pakistan is located at the intersection of three engines of growth in Asia… the CPEC will interconnect these engines,” he added.

The country’s top political and military leadership was present for the ceremony, as were the other ambassadors of other countries.

Gwadar City will be developed with a cost of over Rs. 25 billion. The government has stated that it will be providing the resources to make clean water available in the area as well as earmark a further Rs. 11.5 billion for the purpose. The existing hospital in the area is also being expanded from 50-bed to a 300-bed facility.

There are plans to develop a university and a technical and vocational training institute to address the manpower needs of the region. Locals will get admission preferentially in these institutions.

To meet the energy needs of Gwadar, the government has, under CPEC, being installing a 300MW plant in the region. This plant will also be linked to the national grid.

To ensure security, a Special Security Force has been formed for the purpose. The government has planned for the construction of a new airport in Gwadar as well.

      • Pakistan Zindabad kon kon nhi support kray ga. Aur CPEC to hona hi tha chahay Imran Khan ko hakoomat hoti.

          • Do you have brain to think what was the reason behind dharna?

            I think you’re happy with the lootmaar of these corrupts leaders.

          • i think you want siasat-pk-wale-guys to come here and comment…….disqus ki bandwidth khatm hojaye gi magar batein khatm nahi hongi ….

            ek din imran khan aasman per 2 taray dekhe ga ……… imran pooche ga, logon yeh kiya hein ? …….. jawab milega …….. “sir yeh aap ke he ‘woh’ hein jo itne uthaye siasat-pk walon ne ke taray dikh rahe hein”

            note: the writer is not a fan of any politicians and bears strong concerns

        • Watch what Imran was saying during Dharna in 2014, he wasn’t ready to believe CPEC will be a real project…

          Imran ky hotay bhe hona tha kaisay KPK 350 small dam lag gaye, school n hospitals ban gaye.. Bhai munafiq nahe bano.

  • I am uninformed in these matters. Please someone tell me what good will CPEC do to Pakistan.
    The way I see it the only good that will come out of this project will be for China only as their trade route by sea will be cut short and that is a country which trades alot.

    Giving them our roads and ports to trade is awesome but as a country which doesn’t export a lot of stuff.. what good will it do to Pakistan after 20 years. The Suez canal has always helped the world do trade but never Egypt in the long run. There are so many documentaries made where the engineers at the Suez canal are always complaining that they are under funded to make necessary changes and fixes to the canal itself which implies that they don’t have or make enough money.

    So please tell me… How will Gawadar port really help Pakistan ?

    • Please come out of your cave/den and get some fresh air that will help to ditch some morbid thoughts

      CPEC is going to lift millions of Pakistanis out of poverty and misery.
      More than 500,000+ jobs, US $5 billion yearly tax/levy collection and a lot more…

      “The project embraces the construction of textile garment, industrial park projects, construction of dams, the installation of nuclear reactors and creating networks of road, railway line …..” and off course power generation projects… Bye Bye Load Shedding

      While working with Chinese capacity building of human resource is being achieved. Our Engineers and technicians are getting free on job training while earning a good salary

      CPEC will project Pakistan’s image in the world as economic hub!
      We have defeated India that was trying to isolate Pakistan

      See we have friendly relations with all our neighbors except India.

      And India has friendly relations with neighbors ? Indeed India is Isolated

      So there are multi-fold benefits of CPEC adding a lot to our bright future!

      At last we are on track of Prosperity


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