Cable Operators Threaten Hunger Strike if DTH Auction isn’t Delayed

Recently ProPakistani reported that the government has decided to take the DTH auction forward by shortlisting 12 companies for bidding. The process is currently scheduled for next week on 23rd November.

Today, earlier in the afternoon, cable operators have decided to register their protest at the impending DTH auction going ahead. Their reasons for protesting are that the arrival of DTH services will affect the livelihoods of thousands of people who comprise the Pakistani Cable tv industry.

The Cable Operators Federation (COF) of Pakistan, a body representing the Pakistani cable tv industry, have stated that if the DTH auction is not called off, they will continue with their token hunger strike and camp outside the PEMRA head office in Islamabad until their demands are met.

A representative of Cable operators, speaking on the condition of anonymity, stated that the cable TV operators had up to date invested billions of rupees to develop their business and provide employment for many. The arrival of DTH services threatens to wipe out the progress made by them.

They mentioned that should the DTH auction go ahead, it could end up ruining the business of 200 operators in KP alone, not to mention many more situated in other provinces of Pakistan.

Operators in Lahore mentioned that the government needed to take everyone on board before deciding on the DTH auction. They have also threatened to stop cable tv services if their pleas are not heard.

In Rawalpindi, cable operators demanded that the DTH auction be put off for 5 more years.

In Karachi, the operators stated that thousands of people could go out of business if the auction went ahead.

DTH services, it should be mentioned, are purported to offer high quality channels and coverage, something that the average cable tv connection does not offer.

The national exchequer can also benefit from this as the government can earn revenue based on licensing fees as well.

  • lol ham logon ka kia qasoor hye jahan na cable hye na goverment indian dth chalany deti hye..if they postpond it this time ham bhi bhook hartal na kar dein

  • Government should not postpone it this time. The monopoly of Cable Mafia should end now. We are tired of this system

  • Cable operators earned too much nw its the time to switch to DTH..Cable operators will never accept DTH technology in Pakistan.cable operators have only 20 % coverage & DTH will provide 100% coverage.

  • What nonsense. Tanga walas too had invested too much and had a long history, did that mean we shouldn’t have brought cars on our roads? This is just insanity. You’ve to keep up with technology. Btw, when was the last time you felt satisfied with the services provided by this mafia? I switched to FTTH three years back and life has been in complete peace ever since. These cable walas beat even PeeTCL when it comes to pathetic quality of service.

  • Cable operators are right, they have done so much for this country, they deserve the respect of People of Pakistan. For years they have pirated Indian movies, and have made sure that each and every family in Pakistan can watch them, causing million of dollars of loss to Indian Movie makes. They have been running borderline soft-core Indian music videos 24×7, to assure that our young and old generation is not left behind in this age of liberalism. They have pretty much webbed all the Wapda and Telephone polls in the country with jungle of wires, so Wapda and Telephone employees can earn respectfully in this country, fixing what they break. They never pay service or other taxes, helping save millions of Rs. for the common people. So, why should not we stand with them?

  • This is ridiculous, Indian DTH was available in the market for over 20 years and yet Cable still thrived! Not everyone will be able to afford Sat. Boxes and there will always be business for them (even if they have already recovered their investment 10 fold – customer always pays for the wires and stuff). However denying masses access to HD content just so that these selfish profiteering scumbags can continue to provide their pathetic (1990’s style) services is just a testament to this country’s progress!

  • Agreed that cable operators have invested billions BUT they don’t disclose what have they earned in past 10 years or so. They already have got back their investment alongwith profits.
    Inspite of huge profits they have not upgraded their service and therefore should not complain for entry of business rivals.

  • pemra also did wrong with cable operators first they said start digital cable before 30 sep they put millions on digital box to get more then 200+ channels then on 15 oct they decided to Ban Indian Channel so now Digital cable is dead bec same channel is on digital and analog so why people buy digtal box i know many people who brought Digital box for 5000 and pay 500 monthly customers also saying give our 5000 back and we will give u box but cable operators not doing this also in the end its all pemra fault

      • People were not investing in sports channels in Pakistan because they knew that cable operators will show indian sports channels on cable instead off Pakistani channels and show their own 3rd class adds during break. In big cities like Fsd cable operators change PTV sports and ten sports location at the time of match and put indian channels on that location and start showing DUMMARR AATA adds in break. They deserve this treatment.

  • The Govt should not play in the hands of this cable mafia… They have invested noting and their services are rubbish. Competition will make them invest more and also improve their services.

  • It’s Time to support PEMRA for auctioning the DTH license, We Want HD service because we are paying billions of rupees to Cable operators for the below average quality, If they are going for the hunger strike, It’s their decision we don’t care.

  • Cable walon ne ab rona shuro kar dia hai, aur cable walon ko tab sukoon tha jab woh log illegal channels bana kar illegal ads chalate hain? Apne movies ke channels banae hue hain aur un par 5 mins movie aati hai aur 10 min ads. Itna sara paisa jo kama liya hai tu ab tu inko angoor khaatey hi lagainge.

  • Pakistan is already lacking behind in technology because of these hurdles, India launched DTH long ago and people in pakistan paid india for DTH services, no one from cable mafia came forward to stop that but when Pakistan is finally on the right path to introduce DTH they are creating problems. I don’t know why cable operators don’t have in mind that DTH needs a set top box which can give connection to one TV per subscription and Cable once in your home you can connect as many TVs as you want so its cheaper and if they provide better channels on digital set top box then who would want to shift to probably the expensive DTH ? instead of making their services better they are trying to kill the competition.

  • Yes. Cable mafia. They want to pay in billions for Indian DTH. But not for Pakistan. The tell a lies that we invest in billions. They only hangs the cables on givt electricity towers and arrange sim decoders and collected Rs. 250 to 300 on every consumer. So funny thier investment.

  • Many 2008 ma cable lgwaye the apny ghar.350 monthly bill ha.85 total chanel hen jin ma 70 kharab hen sirf 15 20 theek tang hen hmary gaon k log cable say.we live in isb.kbi generator kharab inka kbi barish tuufan say cable bnd kbi bijli jany say cable band.mari life ki bot bri khushi hoge jb hum cable ko gud by bol k dth ko welcome krain paisa kmalia ha cable mafia nyn.arbun kma lea hen es karobar say.ab dth ko any do plz

  • nechay comments mein log billions to aesay use ker rhay hein.,. jesay koi masla nahe hey.,.,
    wo indian dramo mey 500 caror ki jaidad .,. bla bla

  • We already are 10 years behind and these cable operators want to make it even worse by ceasing the services to 5 MORE YEARS. Bhai jaan DTH is considered an old tech in other countries, its time to do it ASAP. However, Govt could make up or deal something with cable operators so that their source of income doesn’t get ruined.

  • Please go ahead and die , die with shame ,you people deserve this, since years of inception they have done nothing to facilitate customer, get free distribution wire and install in 2000 homes and use free electricity and give shi* to customer complaints ,collect 300 400 every month and invest nothing in technology.Cable Mafia you reign is over now. Learn from India where there are 7 8 DTH but still metropolitan area people opt for cable due to cheap rates and quality service but in Pakistan these morons have done nothing other than squeezing money from pockets. They should have improved their services years ago but due to monopoly they give damn to people requests.

  • Cable mafi ko dur bhagao. Hamara in se jaan churao. In per shelling kro firing kro. aur haldi se jaldi hangami bunyadon per DTH lao take in k hathon koi blackmail na hosake

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