Samsung in Trouble Again: Galaxy S7 Explodes in User’s Hands

Looks like the nightmare hasn’t ended completely for Samsung yet. Following the whole Note 7 fiasco, Samsung had banned the sales of the infamous phone.

Note 7 Recap

The Galaxy Note 7 had several reported incidents of it exploding before Samsung issued a global recall for it. The South Korean company apologized and offered to replace the faulty Note 7 phones free of charge. That was all well and good until the replaced Note 7 phones also reported incidents of explosions.

Following the recalled Note 7 explosion reports, Samsung stopped the sales of the phone completely and issued a public apology for the mishap.

The Galaxy S7 Explosion

It seems like Samsung still can’t catch a break, as another Samsung user had his phone explode. Amarjit Mann, a Canadian, had his Galaxy S7 explode in his hands. He felt his pocket warm up and took out the phone. It exploded shortly while he was holding it in his hands.

galaxy s7 explosion

He somehow managed to throw the phone out of the car but the damage had been done. He spent a day in the hospital following second and third degree burns on his hands. He said,

This is a nightmare for me, I’ve never seen anything like this. I should’ve lost my eyes, or my cheeks or anything could have happened. I luckily threw it outside. It should have damaged my whole car. I just saw smoke and nothing else.

Not a Hoax

While too many similar instances have been taking place as far as Apple and Samsung phones are concerned, an incident of this sort is not something that can be just pushed away like it’s a false story or a stunt to defame Samsung. However we cannot be sure until we contact the person himself.

The man’s hands are severely damaged now thanks to the phone. An incident like this should be further investigated into. If more incidents about the Galaxy S7 are reported in the future we may see another global recall or worse, cancellation of sale.

Via CTV News

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  • A great game as i think is being played with the company. Its marketing and business is being dilapidated with planned strategy. I do not believe mishap occurs any place. These are all cooked and fabricated stories against for vilifying the reputation of the company. Company should personally monitor carefully such incidents wherever these happen and if company feels some conspiracy against the company immediately should be brought it before the consumers.

  • Haamiz bhai Samsung company ke sath tu kuch fishy ho hi raha hai, mujhe tu is article main bhi kuch fishy lag raha hai. Your article says the man spend a week at hospital where as the source you shared says he spent a day at hospital. Another thing your article says his hands are almost useless now where as the source you shared says doctor’s suggest he can’t work for 4 weeks.

    Kahin yeh Samsung ko defame karne ke mission main aapka bhi tu koi hissa nahi :-) ?

    And above all how can you be so sure that its not a hoax? yeh CTV News ki kia credibility hai?

    • Hahaha nai mujhe koi Samsung se dushmani nai he. However the flaws you mentioned, i will fix them, thanks for pointing them out.

      Mene kisi se koi paisay shaisay nai khae to defame Samsung. Samsung phones are one of the best selling phones in the world for a reason, theyre not a fraud company by any means in my opinion.

      As for this issue, i personally have no idea why an incident of this sort would happen with a phone that didn’t have any reported incidents since its release, until now.

  • Samsung have signed contract with world Bank & WHO, that how we can stop human population & they are trying to stopped it, finally they got the best result form whole world. I appreciated it.

      • They thought that the phones would explode while in the pockets. But somehow, their plan failed as most users had took the phones out of their pockets just before the explosion had happened.

  • What’s your source of information for such a news? gsma, pa, androida, androidp never mentioned such a news, sites like ctv news etc can any time share any thing to get viral cannot be trusted at all.

  • 1 not exploded, burst into flames.
    2 not a big deal, random phones do catch fire, s7 is as random as iPhone 7 catching fire. (yes they do too, look around)

    click bait article! bakwas

  • Both his hands are bandaged. That’s suspicious because you don’t hold the phone with two hands. This is especially true if you suspect it of having malfunctioned and potentially ready to explode. VERY SUSPICIOUS!!

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