23 US & Pakistani Universities to Collaborate on Research, Academic Projects

Pakistan and United States have further extended their partnership to work on various research and academic projects that benefit both countries.

According to the US State Department, 23 American universities from 16 different states have received grants to work with Pakistani universities. Fields range from business development to gender studies. The Department also states that under this scholarship program, various students and faculty members are already studying and engaging in research activities.

Since 2005, 96 research projects in various scientific areas have been conducted by both countries under the US-Pakistan Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement.

Here are some of the ways Pakistani and US universities are collaborating with each other in developing cost-effective solutions.

University of California and University of Agriculture, Faisalabad

In collaboration with University of California, Faisalabad’s University of Agriculture is developing a low-cost, blood-based Tuberculosis (TB) diagnostic test. This test is more sensitive (and effective) than the current World Health Organization-recommended sputum test.

To prepare for a commercial launch in India, diagnostic tests are being conducted in Chennai to finalize the trials. According to the statement, the tests will allow TB-positive patients to undergo effective treatment sooner, as TB has proven to be a lethal disease in recent times.

Last year, these two universities also launched a $17 million collaborate project. The project enables the faculty members and the students to study or conduct research at collaborated partner’s campus.

University of Michigan, Dearborn and University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore

This collaboration aimed to develop an air quality monitoring mechanism that can be applied to Mobile and wireless devices.

The main aim of this joint effort was to improve air quality, mostly in urban areas of both countries. In the future, these two universities will focus their research on soil and water quality.

Seed Project

This year, a group of Cochran and Borlaug Fellows from Pakistan was hosted by US Department of Agriculture. Both teams jointly set up to develop a variety of seeds to guard cotton and wheat production against deadly diseases.

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