Cable Operators Have Shutdown Cable TV Services Across Pakistan [Updated]

The Cable Operators of Pakistan, through their respective association, have announced an immediate shutdown of cable TV services nationwide starting immediately, it has been reported.

Cable TV operators said that cable TV services will remain offline for indefinite period.

The move is seen as a desperate plan to pressure the government into delaying or even scrapping altogether the plan to hold DTH auction on Nov 23.

It should be recalled that earlier last week, the cable operators and their representatives held a protest outside PEMRA headquarters in Islamabad, threatening to go on hunger strike if their demands were not met.

Based on recent developments, and the government’s plan to proceed with the auction this time (the DTH auction being victim to numerous delays during the last past year), the cable operators feel that their livelihood is under threat and hence they will incur a huge loss if superior quality DTH services becomes reality.

Not to mention, Cable Operator Association officials met with Ishaq Dar during the weekend, however, there was no substantial outcome.

Cable operators say that 100 percent of cable TV network in the country runs on analogue and they require time to digitize it through digital set top box.

Cable operators say that cable network has to be digital at the time of the launch of DTH services for a fair competition, otherwise cable operators may face irrecoverable loss and an entire industry will die down.

  • Good. This will only hasten the deployment and uptake of DTH.

    These retards want to hold back progress for their own selfish reasons. Truly disgusting!

  • Don’t know why they are against DTH. Correct me if i am wrong, i think these cable operators will be used to distribute the DTH service in their locality.
    And DTH will be type of Luxury and not necessity (Govt will not force you to have DTH connection), so the average person will not go for it.

    • DTH is “Direct To Home” so no distribution is required. You need a dish and an Set Top Box (STB) to get you Analog (Broadcasted Analog), Digital, HD and 4K channels. No doubt Cable operators are no match with the result and quality of the reception DTH provides, however you will have to buy complete equipment at your own and pay the upfront cost to the service provider separately. In addition one LNB powers single receiver or STB which connects one TV at a time. There are some LNB models with dual output or Tri-Outputs but you still have to buy two or three separate STBs to run mutiple TVs.

      Overall DTH has been there since 20 years, and Pakistan has been lacking behind. By implementing DTH the Media can easily be controlled, policed as well as the content delivery could also be monitored in which the authorities would not only know which channel is mostly viewed but which program, at what time and which areas its being watched.

  • So, they want us to have “NO DTH ZONE” forever? This has to be done right away. Even if these cable operators can pressurize the Govt then Govt. should be dissolved.

    • Exactly , today is 21st. If they keep it shut down , no once should pay for next month. Khudi aqaal theek ho jaye gi inki

      • Even we should call them to disconnect our service telling them “we don’t want cable services that go on strike”

  • In cable operators ko ye nahi pata k dth se inki cable koi nuqsaan nahi hoga balke indirectly long term me faida hoga. Pak dth aane se pakistan ka content kafi improve hoga. new local aur foreign channels ayengy wo b urdu dubbing me. Trp system introduce ho ga. Dth ke ye benefits cable per b asar andaaz hongay. Jis se content me behtary ayegi. aur dth ek tv per hi chalega jb k cable ziada cheap hone ki waja se gareeb ki approach me hogi. Iske elawa pakistan ka 70 area rural me rehta hai jahan pe cable nahi per wahan dth aasani se install ho skta hai. Istrah rural area b hamara grow krega. India ko choro ab to afghanistan bngladeah nepal srilanka me b dth aa gya hai. Pakistanio ab to jaag jao

  • Govt should take hold ob all cable operator offices in big cities and continue with auction. These bastards are not aware that in the presence of DTH still 70% nation will use their cable due to cheap rates.

  • Cable operators would need to be transferred on DTH in couple of months. New technology will take place in shape of DTH. Users will have to pay for channels. i.e for 60 channels / 120 channels. In 2017, prepaid electricity will be offered by shanghai Elec. Co. If someone think old system will remain, he is on wrong side.

  • this is not good development.we want DTH services in Pakistan right now,not after three four years.i hope PAT will reject theirs demands and auction will be happen on his schedule.

  • Come on cable Operators.let the DTH start in who can afford will go for DTH.otherwise peoples have no choice but cheap cable.

  • Quetta city mai cable band hogaye. Good move by cable mafia. Thanks for their poor services. Good luck for the future.

  • Please don’t bow down to the pressure from these people. It’s like Floppy disk manufacturers protesting to stop USB sticks from coming to market. These so called businessmen should learn the rule of business: be ready for change and adapt or you will not be able to survive.

    • These Cable mafia earned too much against their investment nothing…They use PTCl and wapda ploes & take 3000 registration fees and provide very poor quality & 3rd class channels.its the time to welcome DTH.

  • Govt should now go forward with dth, after all when it becomes the reality, people will have other ways. Already, cable operators are mafia, they will often leave you without tv after each few months ask for more money based on claims, cable was burnt / stolen. Also their support is too bad, often they will need two to three days to visit you if issue comes. Even if someone is going good, suddenly their support will worsen, due to only fact that their line men have run off due to salary issues :-(

    Also they must not worry about money they earn, should pay morn attention on maintaining and upgrading quality, competition does not mean first will lose everything, they will have more opportunities, as they have current customer base, only have to make quality improvements.

    So any demands they have, are unfair, should not be heard, sorry!

  • If the saga persists, it can be a good opportunity for any entity to enter the market and start OTT services.

  • A Pemra official told The News that 1,500 direct and another 15,000 jobs would be generated with the initiation of the DTH services in Pakistan while the basic or start price of DTH licence would be Rs200 million. Pemra has already shortlisted 12 companies while DTH licences would be issued to the three successful bidders.

    He pointed out that India had given DTH licences to seven companies while some 65-70 per cent consumers still used the option of cable. Hence, dismissed concerns being aired by the cable operators that their investment would be ruined with the inception of DTH services in Pakistan.

    The Pemra official declined to give a tentative figure of investment but insisted the investment through DTH would be the biggest ever in Pakistan’s history in electronic media. “I should say, this will be an opportunity like CPEC in electronic media,” he maintained.

    He ruled out the possibility of delaying DTH services in Pakistan for two years on the demand of cable operators association, referring to a recent statement by Pemra chairman Absar Alam. The short-listed companies, include Parus, a Russian company and Star Time, based in China, which plans to establish its factory in Pakistan.

  • W e Want Pakistani DTH
    But if Govt donot start Pakistani DTH then we will use illegal indian DTH..
    We Hate 3rd Class Cable for our FULL HD LED`s

  • Don’t take pressure PEMRA of cable mafia and thing about Pakistan intrest. Cable op will not ever digitilise the system and will rubbing the peoples and will receive heavy fee on the price that they only hang the cable with electric poles and receiving huge amount.

  • I will humble request the PEMRA that the operators demands may not be accepted so that nuisance of cable which is spreading sin all over the country will stop and let them shutdown cable for few months. I am very happy that they are on strike at least few days the blessing over the nation will be there and with this blessing Allah will accept our supplications for rain in the country. The curse of cable has ruined our nation and whole nights the new generation waste in watching indecent movies. No licence to operators may be issued for indecent purposes and i request PEMRA let them leave on strike for few days they themselves will open the cable because they are earning too much money through this dirty business, I assure the PEMRA they cannot afford it for a long time. One more benefit would be to the government at least that propaganda which are made over the channels against the government would stop for few days and government will take relax and its focus will go on welfare of people.

  • These cable operators unknowingly playing in the hands of India

    India dont want Pakistani DTH start because that will hamper their illegal DTH sale in Pakistan.

    Govt. should carryon yhe process and dont hault this process

  • Advice for the Government of Pakistan….

    Carry on Jatta…… We really need DTH services in Pakistan.

  • Bhout acha kia Pemra ne DTH lake ,
    jan chouti is bekaar cable or poor result se , or advertisement itne Allah maaf kere koi aram se channel nhn dekhskhta .
    Led TV lene ka be koi faida nhn jabtak apke pass DTH nhn h , kia faida aise LED TV jise aise bekar poor result cable chale rahi ho.

  • ان کے پریشر میں آنے کا کوئی فائدہ نہیں ایسی گھٹیا کیبل کو بہت پہلے بند ہو جانا چاہے تھا …. حکومت کو ہر قیمت پر یہ نیلامی کرنی چاہے یہ پاکستانی عوام کا حق ہے

  • Strike is now being used as a tool to blackmail. I dont know if cable operators’ demand is justified or not but both the parties (govt and operators) are seem to be least bothered about general public who are the direct victims of all this.

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