Lahore High Court Issues Stay Order Against DTH Auction

Lahore High Court has issued a stay order on tomorrow’s DTH bidding that PEMRA had planned to hold for awarding three DTH licences in Pakistan.

Reports are suggesting that Lahore High Court issued the stay order as it reserved a verdict in the case and asked the concerned authorities to put a hold on tomorrow’s auction.

Cable Operators Association and their supporters, on the other hands, are opposing DTH auction by saying that DTH auction will kill their business and that this auction should be delayed by at least two years.

The cable operators say that making DTH legal will affect their business and livelihoods negatively and that PEMRA, the electronic media watchdog, didn’t take them into confidence before finalizing DTH auction.

After shutting down cable TV services for over 24 hours, they were reinstated just moments ago.

Absar Alam, while speaking with media and asked about LHC’s decision, said that PEMRA had not yet received the copy of the short order.

A Supreme Court order, he added, was already in place in which Justice Saqib Nisar had given directives that the process for the DTH would not stop.

Under the light of the apex court orders, bidding for the auction of three DTH licenses would go ahead as per schedule tomorrow (Wednesday), he added.

  • Our judiciary system is like “har maal 10 Rupiah” stay order just before few hours of DTH auction is totally ridiculous and shows how transparent our courts are!!

  • Pakistan mein Cabel mafia kabhi DTH launch nhi hone dega aj pata chala hamari court bhi ghulam hai

  • All about Bawa Ji k note.. Lagaye jhao kaam karwaye jhao..

    Sad news indeed, in this a technology age if such people blocking the basic rights to get good service are surely not for out benefits.. How long they will put on hold. One day this auction has to be done and then.

  • Very Strange, cable mafia is ok with Indian DTH but they dont want Pakistani DTH. they never shut Cable in protest against Indian One. Lamha e Fikria

  • Got rid of these cable operators and smart tv also and got my own sattelite dish setup, getting better quality and also hd channels on paksat1r !

  • Strange. There was nothing till 20 nov but in last 3 days cable op aur pba ko yaad aya k inho ne hamain etmad me nahi lia. Aur lahore high court ne ek din pehle faisla b dy dia hukum e imtnahi ka. These cable and pba mafia want us to live in analog. Hamsaye mumalik 3d aur 4k py ja rhy hain and we are still standing with ethopia and uganda. Haye re pakistan tera naseeb.

  • This stay order provision needs to be eliminated from the law. It really violates fundamental rights of the citizens as many ministers are already serving behind stay orders for a long time.

  • This is what happens only in Pakistan. They have already ruined the country so much and with such stay order from supreme court they are pushing the state back to the stone age. Good luck..!!!

    • LHC issued stay order. Supreme court ordered not to stop auction. So supreme court’s order of being an apex authority over LHC will stay and auction will be held as per schedule tomorrow 11 am.

  • Lets all raise our voice against these cable & PBA mafia on social media to make DTH happen.

  • By the way who will use Pakistani DTH when we have 250+ SD and 50 HD Indian channels and also some Pakistani channels with 5.1 Surround sound. As dishtv says: “Ghar Aayi Zindagi” .Cable Tv and DTH is same thing if there is no Indian Entertainment. Even some people are cutting their Cable tv because there is no Indian content and buying Indian DTH.

  • Dur to these type of bulshit stay order we get 3G in 2014.
    Anyway PMRA should go ahead with previous order of SC.

  • I request the Propakistani team to hold a poll by asking the people whether they support the entry of DTH in Pakistan or not?

  • This is bad, LHC order on Order of Supreme Court. Process should go on as per schedule. People are out of options with low quality cable tv and bad support by cable operators.

  • We did not face cable down time on Tuesday for the single reason that the whole street threatened that the cable operator will be thrown out of the “Mohalla” if he shuts its down as we pay for it… Result no down time… :) People use your power to thwart this mafia

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