YouTube Gets Support for 4K Live Streaming

Remember when YouTube allowed 4K uploads? That was back in 2010. Now YouTube is bringing 4K live streaming capability to its platform.

You can live stream in both 4K and in 360 degree 4K, whatever you like. You can check out the first 4K video live stream on YouTube tomorrow at 6:30 AM for The Game Awards 2016.

This will give YouTube an edge over its competitors, Facebook and Twitter (and maybe twitch as well). Facebook live and Periscope (Twitter) allow only 720p streaming at 30 fps. YouTube will be offering 4K live streaming at upto 60 fps.

The Leap From Full HD to UHD / 4K Quality

Just thinking about it, going from HD to UHD streaming in itself is big. UHD or 4K shows an average of 8 million pixels with 4 times better definition than 1080p or Full HD video.

Watching 4K in Pakistan however is nigh impossible with the kind of internet speeds we have around here. Live streaming is even more of an impossibility if done at 4K. Unless you have a great 20 Mbps connection that is (and that too at the very least) and beefy 4k-capable hardware.

YouTube HDR

YouTube has been upgrading over time with the recent addition of 4K HDR videos. HDR videos show more details in shadowy parts of a video. High contrast lighting in videos is evened out with HDR resulting in better overall lighting/color quality in videos. Unfortunately to view anything in HDR you will need a screen or a TV capable of showing content in HDR in the first place.

The HDR-enabled TVs are rare and expensive so you will have to wait before going out to buy one.

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  • You Would need more than 20 Mbps upload speed for 4k 60 fps…. At least 50Mbps for stable stream… and on hardware side At least 8core processor

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