This is How You Should Learn Artifical Intelligence According to Facebook Employees

For the students who are interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI), two Facebook employees have given a bit of advice. This advice comes from Yann LeCun and Joaquin Quinonero Candela who run the company’s Artificial Intelligence Lab and Applied Machine Learning group respectively.

The two of them advise students that they should take Calc I, Calc II, Calc III, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics as early as possible. Math, Math and more Math they say.

While addressing the college students, they said that that other than Math, Engineering, Computer Science, Economics and Neuroscience are vital subjects to the economy as well. And that there’s no bar for people coming from other fields to contribute to the development of artificial intelligence.

The two employees also said that philosophy is something that is necessary for understanding knowledge and learning. They said that students shouldn’t forget that behind all the application and building of a machine there is always a human behind it after all. Humans are going to be the one who solve modern world problems and those humans should understand how learning works before they get into manipulating data and other geeky details.

After all that being said, Yann and Joaquin finally brought up the topic of students getting themselves a job in the field of machine learning.

“Find a professor to work with, consider working with PhD students who have more time on their hands and try to secure and industry-focused internship regardless of your future aspirations to understand how AI works in the real world”

They further advised that being able to identify a professor you want to work with is much more important than program ranking. After all that being dealt with, the students should work to address a specific problem and try to release a piece of open source code.

Via Techcrunch

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