is Pakistan’s Hub for Gamers, Expands into More Products

Pakistanis are finally warming up to the concept of ordering stuff online. We have FoodPanda for ordering food, Daraz for our clothing and appliances needs, and a number of tech-stores for gadgets.

There is also another category, which although relatively small as compared to the general population, is one of the fastest and most enthusiastic community in Pakistan— the gamers. Evident by the number of Counter Strike cafes before the internet, Pakistanis love gaming.

Now, they can satisfy their gaming hunger from the comforts of their homes, thanks to— one of Pakistan’s biggest hub for gamers.

What is is like Amazon, but for games, vouchers and gift cards. Apart from having one of the largest collections of digital games in the country, it is now also expanding into other categories like smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.

Founded by a graduate of FAST University, ShopOn is the brainchild of M.Usman Ali Sheikh. In 2011, he started importing games at a cheaper-than-market price and then sold them online. Later on, he joined with a friend of his and together, they founded ShopOn.

The website currently holds as much as 70% of the market share for gift cards with over 2000 different gift cards on offer right now, from conventional wholesalers to distributors of electronics.

  • Games

You can find the games for the console of your choice, be it the Xbox One, or the PS4, or for PC. If you don’t like to wait for your games any more than the rest of the gaming community around the world, has a good track record of making the latest games available almost instantaneously. Even then, you don’t have to pay much over their international price tag.

Watch Dogs 2, a game released just this week, is already available on for 6,390 Rupees (PlayStation 4), around the same as the game’s $59 price tag. The PlayStation 4 Pro console, Sony’s mid-generation console update, is also available on the website, even though it was released just a few days ago.

Other popular games on include Fifa and Call Of Duty’s annual sequels and other blockbuster triple-A titles like the GTA V and Witcher 3.

  • Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are a great way to buy apps, games, or other products that you can’t (or don’t want to) pay for using your debit card/cash. has an impressive collection of gift cards and vouchers, from Amazon to Walmart, from PSN to Xbox, from Google Play to iTunes.

The most popular gift cards include Steam Wallet, Google Play, and Playstation Network Codes. You can pick the gift card you want to buy and then select your region to buy it.

  • Weekly Deals

The website also has a weekly deals section, offering some pretty great discounts on gift cards, games, gadgets, etc.

  • Online Payment Services

They also offer balance/credit for online payment services like PayPal, Skrill, and even Bitcoins.

The website offers free shipping for all orders that are Rs.1,000 or above. For digital products, they promise a 15-minutes delivery. Moreover, there is a 7-day free warranty in case of a faulty product.

Overall, ShopOn offers more than 20,000 products, including several imports from the United States. They have now also indulged in mobile phones and other smartphone accessories along with branded wristwatches and sunglasses.

Online shopping may have taken its time to take off in Pakistan, but now it seems to be taking over brick-and-mortar stores completely. Last year’s black Friday brought in millions of sales for online retailers in Pakistan and this year looks to be an even bigger affair.

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