KPK Plans to Establish 1,300 IT Labs

The Minister for Elementary and Secondary Education in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Muhammad Atif Khan, says that the provincial government plans to establish 1300 IT labs in the province until the next elections.

He said that Information Technology has played an important role in development of the country. The KP government is taking measures to ensure its spread across the province.

The minister said this during the E-Pakistan conference at Sarhad University of Information Technology on Saturday. He added that the government has established 500 IT labs in the province so far. They plan to establish another 500 IT labs by next year.

Rs. 1.5 billion has been allocated for their establishment.

According to the provincial Education Minister, there were a total of 180 IT labs before the current ruling party (PTI) took charge. Mr. Atif said that they plan to establish 1300 labs by the end of their tenure.

He appreciated Sarhad University’s efforts to extend the E-Peshawar project to an E-Pakistan project. While addressing the audience during the conference, Vice Chancellor of the university, Professor Dr. Saleem-ur-Rehman said that Sarhad University is providing modern education to its students.

Education Situation in Pakistan

Considering the amount of “ghost schools” and funds attributed towards establishment of schools and salaries of the staff getting squandered due to corruption, this is a welcome step to remedy that.

However, this isn’t just an issue of merely throwing more money at a problem, but more about ensuring that it is put to better use. Ensuring the establishment of more IT labs is admirable, but it will need trained and skilled teachers to make judicious use of those facilities. Nonetheless the effort is appreciable.

Currently less than 3% of the national budget is allocated towards education which is in stark comparison with the amounts allocated to the defense budget and debt servicing. If we are to ensure our children’s fuure, education needs to become a huge priority at both the governmental and societal levels.

Via Pak Observer

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  • KPK has the highest number of out of school girls in Pakistan, that’s really alarming it’s a shame for the province and country … KPK government, instead of doing some gimmicks, should first take some measures to get these girls in school. Please learn something from Punjab, which has the highest Primary students enrollment rate in Pakistan… that’s the real change

      • KPK has whopping 52% out of school girls and this is the direct cause of low literacy rate. These stats are from Alif Ailaan. Spewing hate on me will not change the facts. Which is more than half of KPK girls are out of school… even Sindh and balochistan have more school going girls than KPK .. that’s a shame

        • I beg to differ. You either are mistaken or are deliberately thinking of people as fools. Here are the Alif Ailaan statistics for OOS girls by province: Punjab 30.1%, KPK 40.8%, Sindh 45.8%, Balochistan 61.5%.

          • Just to be clear the statistics that I picked are from article of propakistani about a week ago, they specifically mentioned their source to be Alif Ailaan’s study

  • Great news for rich parties worker or rich parties relatives thay will be selected for computer teacher .
    no chance for kpk educated poor persons

  • Govt of kpk aur kuch currupt logo ne ek pore village ki zameen taaqat ke zor par kabze meh le liya hai. jis par new peshwar town aur china zone banega. motoway es zameen ke bech meh gaya hai. koye pochne wala nahi.

  • Establishing such IT labs will not provide much benefit to the common students. It would be more better if these computers are given the government universities where the students are seriously working in labs developing genuine projects. If such labs are opened in elementary or secondary level such effort and budget what is being spent on labs will not give more benefit the students. KPK has number of universities which also acute shortage of latest computers there, these IT labs may be given to them…

  • When took a charge of govt, KP have only 189 IT and are these estiblish in 66 years and PTI led govt increase these upto 500 in only four years. Good performance. Great achievement.

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