Orient Recorded a Quarter Worth of Sale on Black Friday

The home appliance manufacturer broke its all previous records as it recorded a quarter worth of sales from its online website on the Black Friday weekend.

With exclusive deals on LED TV, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Water Dispenser and Microwave, Orient offered its consumers up to 25% off on the retail value.

“We were expecting a decent response but this is overwhelming,” explains a spokesperson from the company, “I guess what was really surprising for us is that we got this response without any marketing muscle. This just goes to show how online shopping has grown over the last few years. It’s encouraging and terrifying all at once!”

Orient Electronics has been new entrant in the electronic space starting out 3 months back, but it has already captured a fair share of the online market. However, the most interesting data shared by the company is the share of mobile users, Orient.com.pk attracted during the Black Friday weekend.

“I believe that our mobile user traffic was north of 80% (of the total traffic). Mobile devices have accelerated internet adaptation in Pakistan, it’s an affordable way to get online and stay connected,” explains the spokesperson from the company.

In response to their expectation for branded e-stores and online market share, the representative responded “the more people go online, the more brands will follow. We have seen this trend with the fashion industry, and with us (Orient) more electronic companies will follow suit. We moved first in the region because we believe in setting the bar ourselves.”

However, despite having their own platform, Orient Electronics still works with other e-commerce marketplaces, “Yes, we do operate with Daraz but we do not see the company as our own competition,” says the spokesperson, “Daraz buys directly from us and our dealers. So for us stores like Daraz are just customers not competition.” They add, “To put it in to perspective, Orient.com.pk is an official store and the customer will always prefer to buy it directly from the company.”

Orient Electronics is now looking to follow up their success of Black Friday with its own Cyber Week Sale, starting from 5th of December. Orient will be including a larger portfolio of products in this week-wide sale and will offer free home shipping for all orders.

  • Unfortunately I have had a terrible experience with Orient’s online portal at Orient.com.pk. On Sunday 13-11-2016 I ordered a Orient LED TV 43″ for 33,995 and they issued a e-receipt said delivery will be 3-4 days. Than 15th the sales agent called and said delivery will cost 500-800 extra as TCS does not deliver to my location inside the price (my delivery location is between Bahria Ph IV and DHA-II). Anyway I agreed I will pay extra. Thereafter several web page emails to 2 sales agents Arqum, and one other just got me a response that my email has been forwarded to the concerened department. Today 5th Dec and I still have not been delivered the ordered goods. 2 weeks latter I noticed the price had gone up on their webpage by approx 2,500 to 36,450 – so I understood why they had not delivered. All e-commerce sites, if they screw-up come out clean and say we screwed up sorry, this is the price now, if you are willing to pay we will deliver. But not ORIENT !!! I shop with Daraz and Kamyu they have better ethics.

    • Hi Mr. Haroon, I represent Orient.com.pk online portal. We are extremely sorry to hear about your experience. I actually traced your order and the issue was indeed the location as our courier does not cover that region. I have also pulled up your log and delivery was indeed promised by our CSR but we were unfortunately unable to arrange a secure transport from the TCS local office to your house. Our CSR team should have updated you promptly about the issue, and we apologize for this shortfall. We are absolutely looking to rectify the situation from our end. We have also sent you an email. Again, I would like to apologize for your experience and I hope that we can make it up to you.

      • So good to see a company representative here responding to a customer complaint. Believe me Mr. Abbas, if you continue Customer first approach like that, Orient will definitely increase its sales exponentially.

      • Abbas Sahib – thank you for the response. Though I just need to point out that the delivery address is in the industrial estate with 350 factories including ours. TCS comes to our facility 2 times a day, first half of the day to deliver mail and 5pm to collect mail, All forms of TCS, express, overland etc. So the delivery was possibly not the excuse or issue and even if it was at least ONE of my emails should have been answered, other than “your case has been refered to the concerened”. The road to successful e-commerce is the full supply chain till the point of delivery to the customer, booking orders is only 33% of the story. Eitherway I am personally grateful to “you” for your response and acknowledgement, I hope my complaints can turn your system better.

        • Mr. Haroon, Thank you for the kind words. I understand your point of view and hope that we can turn this experience in to something good. As I explained in the email, we would be willing to re-initiate the order from our end. So if possible, please give us a chance to make this right. I will be personally distraught if we lose a customer like you.

          • Abbas Bhai, baatien choro aur Javed Sahab ka masla hal karo takay Javed Sahab yahien pe subko baatien k unka view change hogaya hai aapki company k baray main kyuin k unka problem solve hogaya. Javed Sahab jaisey respected customers ka opinion bohat matter karta hai. Dosray log bhi inke experience se aapki company ka image draw karien ge. So it’s in ur hand now whether you turn it to b a good one or let it be bad. Choice is yours.

    • Javed Sahab none of a single e-commerce store or company has ethics. Other wise it would have not been a problem for them to deliver ur product. It’s just a handy item and they are delivering you excuses instead of product. If tcs etc doesn’t deliver in that area they shouldn’t have confirmed your order in the first place. If they did now they should deliver it to you without any lame excuses even if their representative Ali Abbas has to bring it by hand. They should deliver product not excuses. Shame on such fraudulent tactics because of which customers and buyers faith has been shaken up from these online stores specially.

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