Karachi Gets Hit By Fog

Winter is finally here, unlike in a certain TV show that we know of.

As part of the incoming winter season, Karachi witnessed fog in various parts of the city today. The temperature dropped to 15 degrees Celsius as well indicating that the cold season is here.

Additionally, several areas in Punjab have also been enveloped by the fog, affecting visibility in plain, open areas.

It should be mentioned that not too long ago, smog enveloped Lahore and then Peshawar, making life come to a standstill in these two major cities as well.

Dry Weather Warning

Earlier a dry weather warning was issued for the whole of Punjab. According to the Meteorology Dept. the dry weather is here to stay for at least 2 months.

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The warning itself was issued over 15 days ago. Dry weather contributes towards an increase in diseases as well.

Karachi Among The Most Polluted Cities

Karachi happens to be the 14th most polluted city in the world, according to the World Health Organization. Its still better than Peshawar and Rawalpindi (ranked 2nd and 4th respectively) but it doesn’t mean Karachi can be considered “clean” in terms of pollution.

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The decrease in visibility caused by the fog can have disastrous affects on the traffic in a city as busy as Karachi. The increased humidity due to the fog will also enhance the cold temperatures in the city.

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