Get Amazon, eBay & Other Packages from Abroad Easily Delivered to Pakistan [Guide]

Pakistan e-commerce industry still hasn’t matured enough and you can’t get everything even if you are ready to pay a little extra. While AliExpress is an option for Chinese items, you still feel left out when you hear about some great deals available at Amazon, eBay, Walmart or BestBuy. After all, variety is the spice of life. And more choices mean more deals for us here at Pakistan.

Even if you have a credit card at hand, you can’t shop from any of the US, UK or any European retailer. Or can you? In a word, yes. Actually it is indeed possible to shop at these retailers and get your items delivered to your home.

If you’re wondering how you may get your hands on your item from Amazon and the rest, here’s how.

There are several international package forwarding services available that deliver products for you from abroad. While there are a few similar local services available, they charge a lot and getting price quotes is quite a lengthy process.

How Package Forwarding Works

First, you need to know how these services work and what you can expect from them. These services provide you with a local address from the country you are buying from. Once you are signed up with them, that shipping address can be used to get your shopped items delivered. Some also offer assistive shopping, meaning that they can shop for you for an additional charge.

The killer feature here is that if there’s more than one packages, these service providers consolidate it into a single package, thus saving you some good sum of money. You also get some additional features like being able to verify whether the item you ordered is correct and working. This is done by sending the buyer pictures of their items.

Some of them even offer customs support for import related issues, something that Pakistani shoppers are very conscious about.

How Pakistanis Can Benefit From These Services

Most services support payment methods other than credit cards and payments as well. Plus you can use assistive shopping and you won’t even need to shop yourself.

Just a link or the name of item will get you the product you want for a small price.

You can get cheap stuff from the US without using a credit card

In short, Pakistanis can pay through any method they want and do not even have to rely on Credit Cards to buy stuff from abroad as you can just pay the company using any of their accepted payment methods and they’ll do everything for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the best package and parcel forwarding services for international buyers outside the US, UK and other countries.

1. Vyking Ship

This service provider gives you an address in Minnesota, and can store your parcels for as long as 180 days. So you can keep shopping over six months and have everything shipped together. There are no hidden or additional charges and signing up is free. Assistive shopping (they shop for you) comes at 5% of the item’s price.

Vyking Ship fulfills any custom requests you make i.e. additional pictures, package verification etc. The company also offers a guarantee that if you don’t get your package on time, it will not be charged. You can look at their additional services here.

2. MyUS

MyUS is the most renowned package forwarding service for international buyers who want to access US shopping portals. Although their plans are priced on the higher side, their services are unmatched are definitely reliable.

Shipping however, is cheap. They ship using DHL, FedEX and UPS and they only charge for the weight of the package (the rest charge based on the volume and weight of the package), so it is the best service to import dense and heavy packages.

They also offer a personal shopper (where they buy for you) and additional perks if you buy into an expensive plan. You can get 30 days of free trial (No plan fee) but after that you have to pay a one time registration fee for the basic package which also gets you 5 days of free storage. Additional packages offer more perks and 30 days of storage for monthly charges.

3. BedaBox

While others on the list forward packages, BedaBox is unique in that not only can it forward small packages but also huge “packages” like cars too. They offer 30 days of free storage via a shipping address in Florida.

BedaBox Assistive Shopping comes at 8% of the item’s price. You can view their additional features on their website, which also hosts a web dashboard to view all of your shipping information once signed up.

Their shipping address is in Nashua, USA (a tax free zone) so you can save some extra cash when buying using Bedabox.

4. Forward2Me

Forward2Me gives a free UK address and there are no monthly fees. You get 30 days of free storage which can be extended if you ask them.

Their shipping methods include TNT, DHL, Royal Mail and Parcel Force so you can save some money there too. Personal Shopper service is charged at 10% but you do get access to all of UK’s local online retailers.

Most payment methods are accepted too.

5. OutPostSVC

OutPostSVC gives its users shipping addresses in four countries. You get one in Texas, USA, a Russian address in Moscow, a UK address and an address in Shenzhen, China.

Registration is also free and you can store your packages for as long as 45 days.

Users get a free picture of their parcel and can get additional ones for a cost. The company can buy for you online and through regular stores and charges 5% and 7.5% respectively.

However, do note that OutPost isn’t as active as others and contacting them is a bit of a slow process.

Payment includes almost all options except PayPal.

Tip: Before signing up for any service, go to their website and use the shipping calculator to get an estimate of how much it would cost you when you use the service. You can get the size of your package from the description page of the product you are buying from eBay, Amazon or any other store.

Note: Almost all services ship using DHL, UPS and FedEX. Credit Cards, PayPal, Bank Transfers, Skrill, Western Union and some other payment methods are accepted by most of the above services.

Share your personal experiences with these services in the comments below. If you know of a better service, comment and let us know about that too and we’ll be glad to review it.

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  • Already Used MyUS for few items , but Problem is , DHL happily pay Customs fee and then charge us the amount + handling fee. In short , A Motherboard that was 79$ on amazon , then paid 45$ to MyUS and when it reached my home , DHL asked me to pay Rs 8K for duties and custom charges . Total Cost when arrived was 22K Rs.
    Also problem with these companies , They have rule to Mention original invoice price on box .
    so Alienware Laptop that was 1200 USD on amazon , with 60K duty + 5 visits to Lahore Airport Cargo center Total Cost was 200K RS.

    • Sorry to say but you’re probably being ripped off by DHL in this case. Almost all computing related equipment has 2% custom duty. Has happened to a couple of friends with FedEx as well. I’ve never paid more than that for anything I’ve imported.

      • But if they ship by DHL/FedEx who already pay the custom duty in advance, how to avoid getting ripped off? Can we ask DHL/FedEx that we’ll get the equipment cleared ourselves.

        • In that case, you have to contact DHL in advance and ask them that you will get your taxes cleared your self. They will give you the Delivery Order but then you will have to handle the hastle of Custom Clearence Yourself by Directly paying taxes to them

    • I just explored vykingship,they have facility to remove original price tag for some additional bucks…
      how much this effect on the total cost of the product…?

      • It does effect on the Import Duty which is calculated on as a percentage of the total cost of product mentioned on the package.

  • Customs is the biggest issue, if you are intelligent there are a few providers on Pakgamers that are reliable for US ordering. They have prices no one can match not a single of these international providers. Look for Amaga on PakGamers.

    • Yes exactly. We should support local importers instead of using these services. As local importers are more reliable than these. Pakgamers are doing a great job in this regard.

    • I was trying to order something from MyUS but stopped because custom charges were too high. Can you kindly help how can I order from PakGamers? Isn’t it a discussion forum?

      • It has a marketplace section where people buy/sell items or provide services, some premium sellers also provide import service.

  • I think china hi last option rah jati for pakistani, how much wait for paypal, ebay and amazon?

  • What is the best way to get around the customs problem? I want to buy a product from Lenovo US store but want to avoid the custom duty headaches and overcharging. What you people advise? I have already signedup on Shipito but the poblem of overcharging and custom duty remains. Need advice and reliable yet secure way of getting the product from Lenovo to PK while minimizing the costs.

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