Google Adds Urdu Keyboard Shortcuts for Common Arabic Words

Reciting “بسم الله‎‎” or paying our respects to the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) by adding “صلى اللّٰه عليه وسلم” after his name comes almost naturally to us in our daily lives.

However, they just don’t appear quite right when typed in the Roman Urdu script. As a result, most of us have had to resort to using an Urdu-script keyboard or search for the word on the internet and, as you might have experienced, it can be quite a chore sometimes to find the Urdu script for the word you are looking for.

Google has a way of making everything a lot easier and they have done it again. They already provided an online version of Urdu script keyboard built right inside Google Translate and now, they have even added shortcuts for the most commonly used Arabic words and phrases.

How to use Google’s Urdu Keyboard

  1. Head over to Google Translate or Google’s Urdu website by clicking on “اردو
  2. If using Google Translate, select the language you want to translate (the first section) to Urdu.
  3. Click on the little keyboard icon in the left corner and click on “Urdu” besides the little keyboard icon.

You can now type in Urdu script using your keyboard. The keys would automatically map to the keyboard shown on the screen.

For accessing quick keyboard shortcuts, just tap and hold “CTRL + ALT” and click on any of the corresponding keys via the keyboard or the mouse.


Google has been making some big strides in the translation category. Just recently, they added neural machine translation to their Google Translation algorithms, making it considerably better at understanding sentences as a whole.

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