Telenor Partners with Local Startup to Introduce Visual IVR Support Services

Telenor has partnered with Vivid Technologies to enhance customer services and as a result customers will be allowed to get support services through visual navigation.

Conventionally people are required to dial helplines, wait for instructions and then they are connected with an operator after waiting on hold extensively. When given the option, people skip the IVR; rendering the use of the conventional system, redundant.

With this new solution, Telenor customers will be able to swipe through options and dial a number that directs their complaint to the right area without unnecessary delays.

A press statement said that this new technology will improve the quality of engagement and customer service for Telenor via eradication of waiting time.

Vivid Technologies is a mid-stage company that has raised funding from various companies including Sunbridge Ventures, Telefonica and Microsoft UK.

Vivid claims to:

  • Reduce enterprise call center costs by 26%
  • Improve customer satisfaction by 65%
  • Help reduce incoming call traffic by 30-35% making it cost effective, engaging and interactive.
  • Save customer time by 10 fold, 60 seconds of first generation IVR versus 6 seconds of quick glance on the visual IVR to consume the information or carry out an action.
  • Optimize staffing efficiency by 12%

“At Telenor, we have been very mindful of the customer journey, whether it’s Sales, Marketing or a customer walking into one of our retail outlets. When I first experienced the Digital IVR, it made sense right away. Our customers are getting digitally aware every passing day and Vivid’s digital IVR gives us an opportunity to remove the friction and get up close with our customers in a unique way.” Mr. Irfan Wahab Khan – CEO Telenor, Pakistan.

Integrating the technology with Telenor’s contact centers, Vivid will be introducing this entire setup for Telenor customers through their 345 helpline by Q1 2017.

Vivid said that after implementing its solution in Pakistan, company will be further moving to other Telenor business units in APAC region (Myanmar, Bangladesh, Thailand).

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