PK661: PEMRA Issues Notice To Channel 24 For Airing Fake Audio Clip of Crashed Flight

Media outlets always compete with one another to provide news to its viewers in shortest possible time, caring not for ethics but ratings in the process. However, Channel 24 have found themselves in a tight position while reporting on yesterday’s PK661 tragedy.

PEMRA have officially sent a notice to Channel 24 for broadcasting an unauthentic audio clip of the plane crash.

The Channel 24 management is required to respond to the situation by 15th December, according to the notice.

According to the notice issued, Channel 24’s coverage is against the PEMRA electronic code of conduct 2015 under sections 3, 8 and 17.


Channel 24 Broadcast

In their 9:47 PM transmission, the news channel broadcast an audio clip of the victims before the plane crash.

The victims were screaming and yelling in the audio clip, which was shown live on television without any editing or screening.

Witnessed by women and children, it caused a huge uproar against the channel and its administration.

Clarification Required By PEMRA

Upon receiving multiple reports against Channel 24, PEMRA lodged an inquiry.

Here are the questions, which Channel 24 need to address;

  1. Prove it was an authentic audio tape of the PIA ATR aircraft passenger cabin.
  2. Prove how it was delivered to them from the aircraft.


If Channel 24 fails to clarify their position, they can be finned up to 10 million with a chance that their license will be suspended altogether.

  1. Under Section 29: Fine of 10 million.
  2. Under Section 30: Channel 24’s licence to be put on hold.
  3. Under Section 30: Channel 24’s licence to be dismissed.

ARY’s Social Media Pages are Also Circulating Fake Videos

ARY’s Facebook page is also circulating fake videos of the incident and spreading unwanted stress among the masses. Below is the video that ARY has uploaded:

Sports Analyst & Head of Sports Desk.

  • Shame on Pakistani Media. Around 50 peoples have lost their lives, many families have gone into deep sorrow and this media house is manipulating fake evidenses just to take a shittt of TRP. These media houses should be in that plane instead off those precious lives. RIP media

    • Not just this media, i was skipping channels and Samma news breaking news were “taiyaray k malbay ki tasveerien sub se pehle Samma pe” aisa lag raha tha jaisey koi add chal raha apni product ki promotion ka. Aisey lamhay pe bhi. In ki thukai karni chahiye jam k aik dafa ya inka boycott karien sub mil k sirf aik din k liye. Inko apni ookaat maloom ho jaye gi.

  • How unfortunate it is for our Local Journalists that Propakistani and BBC Urdu were providing better coverage then the Local News Media.

  • same fake clip was also aired on ary news. But pemra cant do anything about that because if they do peoples will say ganjo nay balda lia hai

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