Energy Efficiency Management Project to Help Save Rs. 10 Million Per Year in Costs

Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) working in collaboration have given birth to a project which will prove essential in the energy sector.

Energy Efficiency Management Project (EEMP) has enabled Pakistan’s 13 industries to save up to Rs. 10 million.

The 13 selected industrial units belong to the automotive and foundry sector, which will be saving 866,00-KWh energy per annum.

Speaking at the seminar held at SMEDA on Thursday, the speakers disclosed the statistics, findings and impact of the two-year interventions of a project, carried out in a hotel.

Morihito Taka Yama, senior Japanese energy expert, extensively presented the ground work of the project and elaborated on its impact on the SMEs.

B&SDS Division SMEDA General Manager, Haroon Ahmed Khan, praised the efforts of JICA and their input on the EEMP project.

Project Objective and Implementation

Essentially, the engineers got together to find a way to reduce energy inefficiencies at SMEs.

After months of work, they introduced Japanese energy conservation tools and methodologies and management practices. These methods enabled the engineers to save a considerable chunk of energy.

To enhance the methodology at that time, and to efficiently run the system, JICA energy experts suggested the implementation of improvement plans. JICA energy experts have previously worked in both the fields of electrical and mechanical.

Current Numbers

Currently, 866,000 KWh have been saved thus far, on an annual basis. The companies experts worked out the potential number of 1,352,727 KWh in energy savings that can be availed through this project.

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