PTA Sets Rs. 200 as Base Price for Sale of New SIMs in Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has set Rs. 200 as base price of new SIMs in Pakistan, we have checked.

New prices will be in effect for all cellular operators from December 9th, 2016.

With this, no operator will be allowed to sell new SIMs below this base price, confirmed us a PTA spokesperson.

Before this operators could sell new SIMs at any price. They in fact used to sell SIMs for free under various promotions, to ultimately gain more subscribers.

These free SIMs also come with free resources (free minutes, SMS and MBs) of different value of up to Rs. 75 per SIM.

Selling SIMs free of cost, however, resulted in dormant SIMs as customers had the tendency of discarding SIMs after using free resources.

With new directives from PTA, now operators will have to charge Rs. 200 for each new SIM.

It is anticipated that operators will increase the value of free resources that will come with new SIMs with this new price.

It maybe recalled that all new SIMs are sold after biometric verification system. Moreover, one CNIC holder can not have more than five SIMs on his/her name.

It must be mentioned here that at least one operator opposed the decision and it might go legal against it. Unless any such thing happens, new SIMs in Pakistan will be sold at Rs. 200 from December 9th, 2016.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • I don’t mean to be rude, but these lower class people do this and ruin shit for us then. Especially when they hold up the god damn line at the office because the guy at the counter is trying to explain the difference between SIM card sizes, and the customer has absolutely no clue what he’s on about.

    A driver, cook, security guard will have 3-4 SIM cards in his wallet, and he keeps switching between them based on those ‘SIM waapis lagao’ offers. Then, if he hears about free resources, he will go and buy a new SIM and dump the old ones. This cycle then goes on an endless loop.

    The price of getting a new connection should be jacked up to 500 rs and the disowning should be 500 as well, to discourage some people from doing this.

    • sounds like 18th century bourgeois! remember o fool, that once dead you will also be forced to enter a grave much similar to that of that old poor driver or cook or the security guard that you are looking down upon and making fun of, merely because you were born with a golden spoon in the mouth! what did you do in having all that??

  • What possible justification does pta have for this stupidity!!! Clearly an attempt to stop people moving out of big operators to better one! Makes this move even more criminal after allowing mobilink warid merger. This is super anti competitive and is exact opposite of why pta exists!

  • PTA, Actually a money earning institute.Money is god for them- definitely it connects with DAR Finance Ministry. After getting SIM, Govt Charges/Admin-Services-Quality Charges. Don’t know what this Govt wants- You can approve any pathetic third class quality mobile handsets against handsome money- Sticker on “Approved by PTA” On whats basis they approved handsets, PTA people even don’t know.

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