LUMS Student Found Dead in Hostel Room

In an unfortunate incident, a student from LUMS, Shahmir Asif Bajwa was found dead in his hostel room this morning.

The university has confirmed this incident in a statement.

Shahmir Bajwa was a student of BSc Accounting and Finance and a hostel resident at LUMS. The deceased was in the fifth semester of his degree.

He was found unresponsive in his hostel room. Medical staff at LUMS was immediately called but it was too late. The student was immediately taken to the nearest hospital, National Defence Hospital, where the doctors confirmed that Shamir had passed away earlier in the day.

LUMS has issued a statement in which the university shares its condolences over the deceased student. The statement says “Shahmir’s family has been informed. They have requested that their privacy be respected and our thoughts and prayers are with them. Our first concern in this tragedy is to support his family and each other“.

Initial news reports suggest that Shamir died of a cardiac arrest following excessive drug usage.

The university, however, denied the reports of any drug usage and states that the death of Shahmir Bajwa is still being investigated.

The doctors have also confirmed that the exact details regarding the death of the student will be revealed after the full autopsy.

LUMS has requested the media to respect the privacy of the student’s family during this tragedy and refrain from any sort of speculations regarding the cause of the Shahmir’s death.

The student’s parents have reached Lahore from Karachi and are expected to get hold of the dead body following the autopsy today.

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  • That’s a sad news, and we offer our condolences to there family for such tragedy.
    But i didn’t get the point for sharing his death on ProPK site.
    Please clear your self here.

  • “They have requested that their privacy be respected” and ProPakistani just published this news

  • Last week just went to lums with my cousin who is studying in lums shock to see even girl’s using cigarettes openly, Yes drugs workers main areas are in university Pakistan government must crack down against these type of major usage of drug’s in college and university i suggests even ban cigarettes in educational institute

    • larkian cigarette peen rahi theen toh kiya ho gaya bhai? gunnah e kabira ho gaya kiya? qatal e wajib ho gai hain ab wo?

          • duh because its not common, his comment makes some sense,let me clear the fog in your mind.. he meant that its uncommon in pakistan for a girl to smoke cigrette ..what he meant was that whats rare in most of the areas is happening openly and drug usage is at its peak.. and he requests a ban.. what is wrong with that?? dickhead

          • Apki bat bhi theek h, Cheez hi ghlt h smoking krna, ab chahay lrka ho ya lrki, dono k lia. Apnay hath s hi apna nuksan krna.

      • “You (true believers in Islamic Monotheism, and real followers of Prophet Muhammad and his Sunnah) are the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind; you enjoin Al-Ma‘roof (i.e. Islamic Monotheism and all that Islam has ordained) and forbid Al-Munkar (polytheism, disbelief and all that Islam has forbidden), and you believe in Allaah” [Aal ‘Imraan 3:110]

        “all that Islam has forbidden” our body and soul belong to Allah (SWT) we will be answerable to him for all bad things we do to it.

        Allah (SWT) has told us not to use/do things that harm us like drugs, smoking, gambling etc.

        It might not “gunnah e kabira” or “qatal e wajib ” but it is wrong, whether male or females do it.

        “larkian cigarette peen rahi theen toh kiya ho gaya bhai?” what if it was your mum or sister?

        You would tell them to stop would you not?

        • Very good bro great response to Mr. Syed Haider Ali Shah dude larkiyan hi tu han na ki baat nai kar raha tha Yasir he is trying to tell that if girls can easily smoke their then what about boys they must crossing the limits in drugs intake. atleast dear apne naam ki tu hurmat ka khayal kar lia karo dont try to be an ABCD.

          • My reply is in regards to all Muslims, both male and female, human and jinn alike.

            Does my name or your name or anyone’s matter dear?

            Look I gave a reply you dont like no problem dear.

            Do what you like in life, any caring muslims job is to tell it like it is, but up to the other person what he/she does. After that its not their problem.

            I think of Islam like “Prevention is better than a cure” , I dont know how you think of Islam.

            • I never said that smoking was okay and that it should be done. Alhumduliilah i have been exposed to all types of such things but have never dared to try them .My main concern was his sexism to girls. He could’ve just said “smoking is a norm in the university”

              • brother there is no need to clear your point of view society do not want to change its behavior people die in this country from pollution, road accident, high way accidents, lack of medical facilities ,poverty,corruption, impure life saving drugs,pure drugs but these are not big issues as they have become a routine for this nation but if they find some irregularity in pattern that is the point of worry which in this case is girls smoking cigarettes like men of the (rotten) society

  • Not a Pro Pakistani news, Not a tech news. Hmmm so your competing with all the trending/viral content blogs now.

  • Is it an IT/Telecom/Technology/Startup/Gadgets news? I wonder whats the wisdom behind such news?

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