Amazon’s Prime Video Launches in Pakistan

Amazon’s video streaming service, Prime Video, has been made available for users in Pakistan, we have checked.

Starting with a fee of just $2.99 per month, Prime Video competes with the likes of Netflix for original as well as popular movie and TV shows.

Amazon said that this introductory price will be available for initial six months, and subscriptions can be canceled any time. You can avail a free trial of 7 days to judge whether it’s worth paying for.

Amazon Prime Video Offer 7 Day Free Trials

Prime Video doesn’t charge your credit or debit card when you sign up. So hurry up and try Full HD movies and TV shows with subtitles available in countless languages there.

Not to mention, monthly fee will be increased to $5.99 per month after promotion period ends.

The availability of legitimate ways to stream shows and movies is an unfamiliar but welcome feeling for Pakistanis, who have long complained about being passed over for such services.

It bears mentioning that if you’re already used to Netflix, Amazon’s content library will seem smaller. However, it has a lot of original and top the shelf content like The Grand Tour (with the same hosts as Top Gear).

You can go and sign up here:

    • Yes, you are correct. It is do asking for a credit card. Wrong information is posted by ProPakistani.

        • It’s not a reserve amount. Almost every time you save your card information on any site, your card gets charged $1. It’s done to check that you have entered a valid/working card and you have sufficient balance in your account; that $1 is refunded later.

          • I dont know but it is not in every case . I did same on netflix and they didn’t charge me signle Penny

  • “Unlike Netfix, Prime Video doesn’t ask for a credit card when you sign up”? have you guys really tried it? Credit card entry is the first thing you need to do to use the trial.

  • بہت ہی بے شرم ہو بھئ!
    کریڈٹ / ڈیبٹ کارڈ تو لازمی ہے ٹرائل کے لیے!

    • But they do not charge you, they did not even asked cvv number from me, which is on back of card and is necessary to charge the card. Also, they even told, they will charge my card on 19th, so i can end subscription before that if I want.

  • Both netflix and amazon prime ask for credit or debit card. And they both do not charge initially.

  • So far Netflix is a better option even with its limited content you atleast get all Netflix originals….

  • Aik waqt aye ga jab Pakistani yaad krengay kay Nawaz Sharif Ne hi mulk ko sub se ziada taraqi di. aur kisi ki aukat nhi thi yeah sub kuch dene ki. AAj mulk globally recognized hogaya hai.

    • Lol. You stupid person. It has been launched everywhere, not especially launched in Pakistan due to efforts of Nawaz Sharif. Mulk aaj recognize nahin hua hai kahin bhi, Sirf Amazon ne apne aap ko globally sell karna shuru kar diya hai.

      Plus, AmazonPrime has most Indian Content (60%+) therefore it’s highly likely it’ll be either banned by PEMRA, or be useless for most people. It’s good that we have Upper Class things, just as ex-PM Yousuf R. Gilani once said. If people don’t have money to buy flour (atta) they should buy bread instead. LOL.

    • What do you mean? Did nawaz shareef influenced Netflix to go worldwide? Or did he influenced Amazon prime? It is not Pakistan specific, they have opened it for whole world.

      Pakistan kay liyain kiya laya tumhara Nawaz? EBAY? Amazon? Paypal?

      Country is globally recognized for all the wrong reasons.

  • have used amazon prime year back, and the streaming tech is certainly not on par with Netflix.
    while Netflix works on 2 mb easy, prime requires a stable 4 mb or above.
    not sure if that has changed.

    but my biggest problem was no Chromecast support and i think it’s still same.

    • You are absolutely right, just wasted my time on it, Netflix has more quality shows then this crap.

    • HA HA HA HA

      PEMRA bans Indian content on our cable TVs and there is informal boycott on Indian movies at cinemas.

      And then Amazon launches Prime Video which has a lot of Indian shows & movies

      Now who will ban shows on Prime?? Or will Prime be blocked by PTA like MEDIUM website is banned by PTA on November 30???

  • At first I was excited to see the launch but than I noticed after signup the most of content is bollywood, not only that it have very less english titles. Even, Indian Shows and Movies are mostly old, low rated. I tried to review the content here via video –

  • POPCORN TIME is your friend people.. Come over to the FREE SIDE my fellow mamlikati brethren.. :)

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