National Assembly Takes Steps to Combat Global Warming, Passes Climate Change Bill 2016

Pakistan seems to slowly moving forward in the climate change department as well. It is now formulating a strategy to combat global warming by taking the first step. – passing the prerequisite laws in this regard.

National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Climate Change passed the Pakistan Climate Change Bill (PCCB) 2016.

The bill will include the amendments made by MNA Murad Saeed (PTI).

Climate Change Authority to be Constituted

A Pakistan Climate Change Authority would be formed under the PCCB. The rules and regulations of the authority would be decided later on. The Authority will have all of Pakistan under its jurisdiction.

A Pakistan Climate Change Council will be established which will direct the Climate Change Authority. The council’s members will include the Prime Minister, representatives from all provinces and all of the Chief Ministers.

The council will provide a framework for reducing and adapting to the changes caused due to climate change on different sectors of the economy. They will also develop strategies to counter the effects of climate change in Pakistan.

A Heated Debate in The National Assembly

Majority of the members of the National Assembly passed the PCCB. During the discussion on the bill, Climate Change Minister Zahid Hamid and the MNA Murad Saeed got into an intense argument. Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency Director Farzana Altaf Shah (during the argument) blamed KP government of not stopping stone crushing on their side of Margalla Hills.

Murad Saeed later said that he will review the legislation and would reveal his point of view on the previously mentioned issue later on. Zahid Hamid agreed to this as well.

Climate Change Fund

Paksitan Climate Change Fund will also be established which will be managed by a separate Board. The funds will be used by the Climate Change Authority and for projects designed to reduce/counter the effects of climate change.

Pakistan was supposed to introduce measures to counter climate change after signing the Paris Agreement.

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The agreement requires the countries to keep global warming in check, to ensure that the average annual temperature does not rise above 2 degrees Celsius. This limit was decided by scientists and experts who have studied climate change and its devastating effects on planet Earth over the years.

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