World Bank Uses Map of Pakistan Without Kashmir in Presentation

Pakistani officials are not happy and have officially lodged a protest with the World Bank (WB).

The unpleasantness began after the global lending agency used the wrong map of Pakistan, which did not include territories of Giglit-Baltistan (G-B) and Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK).

On Tuesday, the WB’s Lead Economist for African Region Vincent Palmade delivered a presentation during official ceremony of a book launch in Islamabad where he used the misleading map.

Pakistan is lodging a strong protest over the matter because this is not the first time WB has favored India. Previously, WB denied finances for the creation of Diamer-Bhasha Dam because it was located in a disputed territory.

Session Information

The book launch was during the annual general meeting and conference of the Pakistan Society of Development Economists, titled South Asia’s Turn: Policies to Boost Competitiveness and Create the Next Export Powerhouse.

The three-day conference was organized by joint efforts of Ministry of Planning & Development and Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE).

The conference is being attended by experts from across Pakistan, on the theme of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and regional integration.

Allegations and Response

The session in which the WB official used the map was chaired by Dr. Nadeem Javeid, Planning Commission’s Chief Economist.

He said:

“After consulting with the Foreign Office, we have issued a disclaimer as the WB official has shown an incomplete and incorrect map of Pakistan.”

As expected, WB defended their use of the incorrect map. WB program leader, Gabi George Afram said:

“The WB does not have any official map on Kashmir for India and Pakistan.”

It remains to be seen how the matter will be handled.

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          • Thats our take. Actually the whole of GB and J&K is officially a disputed territory as per UN. Because prior to 1947, GB was part of the Kashmir state of Hari Singh.

            • Are you guys even reading history? It is incredulous that most of you keyboard warriors have Google as their only teacher — because you do not even want to put in the effort to go read a (e-)book (whether on your kindle or in the library of congress) not many have ever bothered to actually go to a library and read Pakistan’s REAL history . . . not a Wikipedia page made by any idiot with access to internet.
              Glgit Baltistan was NEVER under dispute — and the part of Kashmir which was under dispute was because India went to UN, because Pakistan had taken almost all of Kashmir back from invading Indian army in 1948, and we were forced to stupidly retrun all of it because of false promises by UN and USA that an election would be held within six months — which we are waiting todate!
              Its not about patriotic views, but about facts — which Hassan, Farrukh and Sameer could not be bothered to go and read up — luckily since my grandfather used to work directly with Quaid-e-Azam, as one of the extremely few ICS officers who came to Pakistan, I had the privilege of spending my youth with him, and got my own history first hand from the founders of Pakistan.
              Since then it has been badly twisted and bent by “intelligentsia” like yourselves, who have neither facts nor ground realities and form their own opinions and deform others’ based on “knowledge” gained through google search.
              Its a really sad reflection on the educated illiterates we are turning out en-masse from our schools now-a-days.

              • Please check UN resolution no. 47 and the associated map of the disputed region. You will get all the history you want. Regardless here is some history for you:
                1819 – Ranjit Singh defeats the Durranis and capture J&K region.
                1840-41 – the Dogras vassals of Punjab empire conquer Hunza, Nagar, Baltistan and Astore.
                1846 – After the first Anglo-Sikh War, the Dogra dynasty begins rule over J&K. J&K becomes a princely state.
                1857 – Ranbir Singh conquers Gilgit.
                1877 – Formation of the British Gilgit Agency
                1947 – Beginning of Kashmir conflict (transfer of Gilgit agency to Hari Singh, rebellion by Gilgit scouts…)

                Please come down from your high pedestal and read some history before engaging in arguments of a historical nature.

  • Absolutely. Being a disputed territory, how can they show Kashmir as Pakistan’s part? If you see the map graphically, you would come to know that the area of Kashmir is marked Red.

  • This is very common even Pakistanis use map without Kashmir. Government needs to raise awareness and legalize use of official map. Once I attended a conference at Islamabad which was organized by the United Nations and they were using unofficial map (without Kashmir). I raised this matter in front of the State Minister of Interior but they did not take serious notice.

  • Mian sanap zinda baad modi ka yaar nora………….Nora is not taking bold step about kashmir just naara bazi and sleeping and looting the jahil awam….

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