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There are plenty of online portals but how many of those don’t need you to make an effort in finding the right job for you? The same goes for the client. Can you easily find the right guy for the right job who is also located nearby? is the answer to these questions for Pakistani professionals, businesses and consumers.

What is

This online portal is a single page solution for professionals and clients. It allows the potential clients to select the type of work they need, fill in some info regarding the job, mention recommended price and get quotes and responses from professionals.

For Professionals is specifically designed for professionals and businesses with a niche market. It provides proper visibility to the businesses and allows them to get in contact with potential customers. The best part is that these professionals do not need to setup their businesses online as does it for them via the portal.

For Customers

The public can use online retailers, they might even get access to a few other services online but most of the day-to-day tasks or work which specifically requires a certain professional in inaccessible to them.

Customers have to thrive to find good professionals/companies but it is hard to find people who meet your exact requirements. Directories, online ads or search engines do not link you to the exact professional you are looking for and for those who know time is precious, it is a pain to spend so much on just searching. solves that by allowing users to access professionals and businesses from different fields. Whether it is accounting, event planning, photography, videography, construction or lawyers, designers, IT Specialists and Marketers, you can avail their services while sitting in your home.

How it Works

The portal targets the clients and keeps its professionals/business database at the back end. The fluid design of the website is pleasing to the eye gives the professional look missing from normal business websites.

The user has to just enter the field of the professional they require and mention the area where they need the service. The field starts providing recommendations as soon as you start typing so that you can choose the right field.

Once done with the first step, the user needs to enter some details regarding the work they need done. The questions are tailor made for each category.

Select some options, fill in some blanks, enter some details, mention your budget and finally provide your contact info (for signing up). will contact you with up to 5 quotes from professionals near your area. You will get an estimated price, custom response, prior experience and customer reviews of the professional on the user dashboard.

Take a look at the video below for a complete walkthrough:

While has setup the system perfectly for the categories of services on offer, there are still some commons ones missing. The team says they plan to cover more and more services as more professional sign up.

A Platform for Professionals

While it may look like a platform for providing services to the users, aims to provide professionals and businesses with an opportunity to grow.

Professionals need to sign up at for them to be given access to client requests.

After signing up you are asked to set up a profile in which you can add your work details, your logo (optional), your contact numbers, images and other evidence of your previous work. Best of all you can ask for reviews from your previous customers.

Reviews are the core of a businesses success.’s reviews section can help bring more customers.

Not only this, the businesses/professionals get their own profile page with all their info and reviews, This page can act as a professional website and can be shared with anyone including customers who don’t contact you via

All job requests are received in your inbox. does all the work at the back-end. This saves loads on marketing etc. Plus there’s no need to spam on ad platforms. All you have to do is to send quotes to your customers when you get a client request.

Support has a neat support service. You can access it on the main page easily. Just type in your question whether you are a professional or a customer and get the guidance you need from the support team instantly.

The Team Behind was cofounded by a team of three; Sania, Gohar and Irsa.

Sania is an interior architect by profession. She worked at to contribute to the society and to bridge up the gap between professional and clients.

Gohar is an entrepreneur and digital marketing consultant. His experience in the field comes in handy with regards to the working of

Finally, Irsa is an operation and development expert. She is a vital part of due to her aforementioned skills.

The three believed that this market has huge potential and they only need a platform to launch their businesses and reach new clients easily.

Its founders say:

“ is not a freelance portal and our vision and mission is totally different. Moreover, our people are getting much more tech savvy now and the easy access to the internet have made their life easier. Everything is handy now; a big boom in our internet industry is a proof of the changing behavior of our people. If everything is bought online then why not services?”


Araam has the potential to become the go-to place for online services. It is something which has been missing in the local market due to the lack of IT knowledge and internet’s potential. Once such networks pickup, people would no longer need to go out to hire a professional and truly everything will be available online.

You can check it out here:

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