NTS Ripped off Rs. 20 Million from Unemployed for Jobs That Were Never Filled

Lawmakers in Senate were stunned at finding out that against 633 vacant posts from BPS-7 to BPS-16 in Utility Stores Corporation, National Testing Service (NTS) had conducted tests of 48,674 unemployed people and pocketed nearly Rs. 20 million in fees.

NTS charged Rs. 450/- per candidate for the posts in BS-16 and for all others posts below BS-16, there was a charge of Rs 400/- per candidate.

Interestingly, these posts were subsequently not filled owing to financial health of the corporation.

Minister for Industries and Production, Ghulam Murtaza Jatoi, informed the Senate that NTS called 21,079 candidates for tests in 2015.

The initial screening test was qualified by 3,165 candidates, who were to be interviewed afterwards. However, it was observed that most of these candidates, who had qualified the test, did not have relevant experience and required length of experience for the post.

After the advice from the ministry, vacant posts were re-advertised in 2016 and some 27,595 candidates appeared in second round of tests.

After second test, initial screening tests were conducted in January this year. The matter was placed before the USC board of directors, which observed that in view of weak financial health of the corporation, no fresh recruitment could be made and hence scrapped the entire process.

Consequently, no interviews were conducted and process of recruitment was stopped.

NTS Applications in Two Rounds for Jobs That Were Never Filled

Senators Tahir Hussain Mashhadi, Mohsin Leghari, Dr Jehanzeb Jamaldini and Usman Kakar wondered why the unemployed people were made to pay test fee and undergo the grueling exercise if they were not to be inducted.

They questioned why the USC board could not assess the financial situation of the corporation prior to initiation of the process. They called for reimbursement of the NTS test fee. “They are already jobless, the NTS must pay back the test fee,” stresses Usman Kakar of PkMAP.

Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal, speaking on behalf of the minister for industries, said that the decision not to induct employees had caused disappointment but it would not be repeated in future. He also said that he would have to check whether or not the test fee could be reimbursed.

  • NTS means Never Trust Service: Big scamming ATM machine which not gives money only sucks the money from Unemployed. They are only leeching money and sending to PML(N) Government and hiring politicians son’s,daughters,relatives etc….

  • Why unemployed have to pay everytime for tests?
    Expense should be on companies, not us and not NTS.
    Those who are hiring, they should pay for tests, and we must appear for free.

  • Beside processing fee NTS must have pocketed some commission from courier services, as they only accept applications by post and applicants only use reliable courier services unlike Pakistan Post

  • I have brought this many times on many forums. Requested many journalists but no one ever respond. I have seen people giving two tests in a single day, means paying twice. And worst of all i myself went for some tests where total seats were only 5 and number of applicants were more than 20000. This is why Pakistan in having brain drain more than any country. Very depressive!

    • But we are bound to give GAT as most of the universities ask for GAT for masters. We have to become a fool for that or dont we?

  • same like Pakpost. who collect Rs200 as Postal order in January 2015 (1st episode) and after 18 months they engage BTS for the recruitment process. Then BTS collect Rs300 per post (2nd Episode) from the candidate and after that collection Pakistan post cancelled the recruitment and Rs500 per candidate safely transferred to some ” Safe hand”.

  • This post should be renamed “Fraud by USC Pakistan”. Why is a screening service being blamed for no hiring policy of USC?

  • This was the case with sind alone
    NTS ripped 800+ million to fill edicators seats SESE SSE in punjab
    I,myself hav paid 3000 only to hear bad wrds from my mouth.

    Mocking unemoyeds!

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