BlueEast’s New Office Will Make You Want to Work All Day

The budding e-commerce and internet of things’ solutions company, BlueEast Pvt. Ltd. moved its staff to its new purpose built space last month on Multan Road, Lahore. The newly-founded company is a part of the Orient Group of Companies (OGC) focusing on developing and deploying new technology for the local market in the form of digital retail solutions, communication applications, internet of things devices and so forth.

By moving in to the two-story building, the company now has more space for engineering and prototyping,

“We have a dedicated space for labs. Our engineers can now perform device specific testing and bring other product designs to life,” – Company Spokesperson

Currently the BlueEast team only occupies the second floor of its new headquarters with work expected to finish by 2017.

“We plan on housing more staff by the end of next year. We already have some of our creative staff on the first floor but the area is not finished.”

However considering the layout and design of the second floor you will not be at fault to mistake this new company with the likes of the Silicon Valley giants. The new workplace for BlueEast Pvt. Ltd. is a hybrid of modern, minimalistic and clean design and a splash of bright adventurous colors that give the space an artsy feel.

The reception area and the spiralling stairway to hea….the work floor.
A warm message at the floor entrance. Yay… some friends! Finally!

While BlueEast may not have an indoor garden, it makes up for it by giving its offices a view of a beautiful co-shared park.

The park is visible from offices (right side) in the BlueEast Building

The indoor theme as discussed takes modern grey tones and meshes them up with vibrant wallpapers and witty/inspirational quotes. Centered is the company’s own tagline of “Create More” on the wall that divides the workplace with the cafeteria and other facilities.

Complete with indoor plants, ash fittings and ergonomic furniture

The space also takes queue from Google by creating breakaway spaces for employees to relax and socialize. “We want to fuel serendipity in our organization. Some of the best ideas are created as part of casual conversations, and we want to harness that with our employees,” says the company’s spokesperson.

Leather couches and varnished coffee tables are perfect for taking a break. Wait! Is that Candy?
Comfy offices with soft LED Lights to get you through strenuous projects
There are meeting rooms and then there are Official Meeting rooms!
The demonstration area with its own projector and seating

“Yes we have our own in-house cinema!” jokes the BlueEast spokesperson, adding, “We are planning on streaming the Champion’s League Final this May!” However, the real fun is the dedicated game room in the building with its very own Ping Pong table!

The game room! Because all work and no play makes johnny a sad boy!

BlueEast Pvt. Ltd. also offers its staff in-house meals with items like ice cream during summers and hot halwa for cold winters.

The cafeteria!

Its no doubt that BlueEast wants to create an environment that will help motivate and nurture the local talent, “Human capital is the greatest asset of any company. We believe in our employees, and we want to give them the best so that they create the best!” adds the spokesman from the tech company.

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