PIA Crew Saves Man’s Life During Flight

On Sunday, during the Multan-Karachi flight PK-333, an elderly passenger fell unconscious and stopped breathing, according to a PIA press release.


Fellow passengers started shouting and calling for help. The PIA cabin crew took notice and came for the treatment of the elderly man. They were assisted by a medical student who was on-board and he helped them in stabilizing the patient.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), also known as artificial breathing, was given to the affected person. After a tense and hard fought 15 minutes, the anxiety subsided as the crew were able to restore the respiration of the patient.

Immediately upon arrival at Karachi, an ambulance and a doctor had been arranged and the passenger was handed over to them.

It’s important to appreciate the good alongside and PIA and the cabin crew deserve commendations for a quick response, not giving up easily and saving a man’s life.


  • change the heading. it was medical student who saved the life.
    PIA crew trained in CPR or BLS?

  • think positive, we always think neagively about our contry or country related thing.

    • Stop padding backs on trivial things, that’s one of the reasons of our downfall.
      You don’t pad the backs or make headlines if a delivery boy get you your pizza, you just thanks him and move.

      He’s doing his job
      Your paying for it.

      • Losers like you who can’t achieve or do anything in their lives can only criticize or comment for the sake of it. Rather than just commenting, do something productive with your life and stop acting like a moron. Had this been news of UA, KLM, PanAm, Qantas; douche-bags such as you would have gone overboard to commend them.

  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), also known as artificial breathing,?????

    ( Ventilator=artificial breathing ) .before posting you should do a google search instead

  • Well done actually the people who always criticize PIA don’t know that PIA still have its moral values. Few months back I have a personal experience of dealing with pia in a foreign country it’s was about sending a Pakistani national dead body to Pak who got died in abroad and really felt proud that PIA handled it at priority and carried that with out any charges as being a Pakistani national I really felt pride among my other friends who are from other countries and they told me that if anyone pass away in abroad from their countries they have to pay money to the airlines send the dead body while PIA did it free and handled it at priority . Well done PIA and good luck.

  • Clap to another click bait rubbish post!

    Medical student saved life
    All over the world crew announces for any doctor on board
    Up on landing ambulance ahead present is a normal procedure.
    CPR is not artificial breathing.

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