Innovative At-Home Beauty Service Startup GharPar Making Waves in Lahore

Women today are very aware of the importance of taking care of themselves, not to appease others but to boost their self-confidence. However, with hectic schedules and hefty workloads, it seems impossible to make time for a spa date. Whether it’s an unavailable appointment when you’re free or you getting stuck in the traffic and missing it altogether, only one small thing has to go wrong for the experience to turn to a sour one.  

So for those of you who want to feel and look good but cannot make the time for long salon sessions, GharPar provides a brilliant solution by bringing the spa to your home. A female led startup with an innovative web and mobile-based solution, GharPar allows you to enjoy all the latest in beauty treatment and services by professional aestheticians in the comfort of your home. All one needs to do to become a member is visit, fill a form and wait to receive their membership ID via Whatsapp to book an appointment online.

Primarily, GharPar functions as a platform connecting at-home beauticians from underprivileged and minority backgrounds with female customers who are pressed for time. GharPar promises to provide its customers with a high quality, punctual, luxury experience that meets the highest standards of hygiene. The startup is already operational in  Lahore and caters to at-home beauty services communicating with clients through the web.

GharPar is set to make waves by being the first beauty service platform to launch its app on both iOS and Android in Pakistan in February 2017.

It offers the following features:

  • One-Tap access to an assortment of services.
  • Affordable and hygienic services provided on time.
  • Vetted professionals pampering you in the comfort and security of your home.
  • Rating beauticians to ensure service quality.

Providing Quality Services:

The user- friendly website enables customers to pick and choose from a variety of services and view the individual price of each service before booking an appointment. GharPar also offers package deals that are designed acknowledging clientele demands.

The aestheticians are equipped with a handy bag that carries all the latest beauty gadgets along with UV sterilizers to ensure product hygiene.

Punctuality is Sacred:

Punctuality is the established cornerstone of the USP at GharPar and strict rules are designed to ensure that timely services are delivered. In case any appointment faces a delay that stretches over 15 minutes (barring emergency situations), the client receives a 20% discount which is equally shared by the GharPar team and the aesthetician.

Booking Appointments:

The booking process is pretty accommodating as it allows clients to choose a time and date that suits them rather than waiting for openings at a salon. Following an easy process, the customers are requested to fill out a membership form to proceed with their booking, which lands them a 15 % discount  on their first appointment.

In just a few clicks, the details are sorted out and even if, by some chance you are not home on the given day, you can just direct the beautician to your current location without the hassle of cancellations.

Catering to Queries:

To make the experience more comfortable for clients a thorough list of FAQ’s have been added to the website to satisfy customer queries. Moreover, the questions have been categorized in a genuine attempt to cover every feature the site has to offer, leaving little to no room for further doubts.

What Sets Them Apart?

GharPar has a fair chance of dominating the beauty market as it competes with high end salons by providing quality at an economical price. Moreover, unlike the unsanitary and low quality products used by existing at-home beauticians that are bound to damage your skin, their team ensures services in keeping with the international hygiene standards.

Where high end salons squeeze the hours out of their employees, GharPar provides flexible working hours alongside training aestheticians to polish their skills. Its commission based setup allows beauticians to savor 70% of the income for themselves which provides them with an alternate source of earning.

Providing Opportunities:

Beauticians looking for work are brought onto the platform after a thorough vetting process and are then trained to meet global standards.

According to statistics given by the company, many make more than 40k a month, where the average monthly income of a salon employee is roughly Rs, 6,000-8,000. Furthermore, working under favorable conditions and receiving professional training allows them ample opportunities to develop themselves, making them a more productive part of society.

Engaging the Minorities:

One specific goal is to cater to the minorities within the society and provide them a platform to groom their skills in order to become active citizens of Pakistan. Where the state has failed to provide monetary and physical security for this underprivileged strata of society, GharPar has taken the responsibility of opening up employment opportunities for these women.

A business that responds to needs and betters life for others, serves as an inspiration for all. With its unique features and quality services, GharPar is set to be the next thing in the beauty industry.

Rocking the motto of hassle free, professional and highly economical beauty services in the comfort of one’s home, GharPar is the answer to all your beauty problems.


Here are the pricing details of common services offered by GharPar.

  • Nails:
    • Classic Mani Pedi: Rs. 1400
    • Organic Mani Pedi: Rs. 1800
  • Hair:
    • Blowdry: Rs. 1000
    • Hairstyle: Rs. 1500
  • Waxing:
    • Full body Sugar : Rs. 2000
    • Full Body Fruit:Rs. 2900
  • Facial:
    • DermaClear: Rs. 2200
    • Thalgo: Rs. 3200
  • Makeup:
    • Party makeup with hairstyle: Rs. 6000

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