One More Chance: Samsung Invests $128 Million in Battery Division

Fresh off the back from its best quarter in three years, Samsung is trying to do everything it can to rebuild the goodwill with customers after the Note 7 debacle.

In the latest line of happenings, the company is announcing an investment of $128 million (or 150 billion won) in the SDI division, which is responsible for the batteries used in high-end Samsung devices, including the ill-fated Note 7.

The investment will help the division introduce a new eight-step testing procedure for all its batteries, which will help solve the manufacturing errors. Remarkably for such a major release, the Note 7 had not one but two critical manufacturing errors, either of which could’ve meant the end-of-the-line for any phone.

The company will appoint around 100 employees and executives for the departments including Development, Production, and Technology, quality and verification.

“We are now standing at the crossroads of life and death of the company. Whether we work together for a complete overhaul or fade into the mists of history will depend on our determination.”

The company also looks on-course to provide the batteries for Samsung’s other major releases, including the upcoming Galaxy S8 and the important Note 8 release, which will undoubtedly see Samsung make up for a lot of what went wrong in the first attempt.

Samsung has also indicated interest from other manufacturers for its SDI batteries, which may indicate that all the market players have finally moved over the incident which plagued Samsung Mobile in 2016.

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