Over 2,000 Warid, LDN, BCS Employees Offered Permanent Jobs at Jazz

Jazz today announced that company has offered over 2,000 individuals with permanent, full time contracts. These, now permanent employees of Jazz, include work-force retained from Warid and other functions of Jazz (LDN, BCS etc.).

Development comes following the completion of the merger with Warid Telecom, and unification of both Mobilink and Warid under Jazz’s brand identity.

“From voice to data and from 3G to 4G the digital revolution gives us limitless new possibilities. For the first time in the history of these companies we are a single brand, we are Jazz internally and externally,” said Aamir Ibrahim, CEO – Jazz.

Jazz now offers all its employees unmatched benefits in the industry, said a statement shared with ProPakistani. From a fresh entrant to an experienced professional, everyone is better placed than before, it claimed. The new benefits include better medical and life insurances, along with transportation perks.

Jazz, through a re-organization of its business processes, has also re-worked its internal architecture as it has moved from ten to six organizational layers.


This change not only enables swift flow of communication and faster decision making for customer benefit, but also presents faster growth opportunities for employees.

Jazz said that it is customer obsessed, truthful, entrepreneurial, innovative & collaborative in every aspect of its business.

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  • DJ

    Old News but Yet a good move especially for 3rd party employees !!

  • Kamal Ahmad

    There were more than 3K employees that Warid had, where did the remaining go ?

    • Ammar


    • MIS

      ProPak shud also hilight this!

      Its based on blood of others!

  • Muhammad Usama Masood

    Pro-Pakistani thanks for great news but could you please write about those who suffer due to Jazz. Totally biased approach from leading blogger. Disappointed

    • DJ

      bhai they gave the news not analysis :)

  • Mohammadee

    The merger of Mobilink and Warid is causing lot to employees. I strongly say to Everyone who are using Jazz or Warid should opt out to other operators. On the other hand, Jazz has closed many of its franchises and also they are stopped live chat services. So they are saving each and every paisa. Why should we pay to them for providing no services????

  • Truth

    Any news on mobilink purchasing wateen?

    • zubairali

      Yes deal is done internally. They will announce soon as per my source

  • Ahmer

    lol beauty of twisting news with choice of words, one in favor and other in criticism, money talks..no talk of the forceful layoffs, instead part news in favor being reported, on the other side part news given to criticize another company, hats off to this yellow so called journalism.

  • Fy

    Very sad cos many peoples are fired by LDN and BCS and the remaining are now hired as permanent base.

  • Fy

    Jazz is nothing for employees as I see many permanent employees are also fired in 2015.