Serene Air Conducts Test Flight From Karachi to Islamabad

The new Pakistani domestic airline, Serene Air, has conducted a test flight from Karachi to Islamabad and back again. The testing flight was a non-commercial one and was sort of a “rehearsal” before the commercial flights begin.

Boarding, Image Courtesy Serene Air on Facebook

Serene Air did not use the new Boeing 737-800 (New Generation) aircraft for this test. Instead they used a former Anadolujet (Turkish domestic airline) owned Boeing 737-800 for the flight. The flight number designated for this flight was ER786.

Mid Flight, Image Courtesy Serene Air on Facebook

Booking Available for These Cities

The airline inducted its second and third aircraft during the last few weeks in Karachi. Booking was set to launch from 23rd January and has since launched for:

  • Karachi
  • Islamabad
  • Lahore
  • Peshawar
  • Quetta

Travel Fare

The fares for economy class are as follows:

Note that the fares mentioned here are only applicable if you use a promo code. These are promotional rates for economy class tickets.

Regular economy class tickets cost higher with flights from Karachi-Lahore, Karachi-Peshawar and Karachi-Islamabad going for Rs. 8,194 for a one-way ticket.

For Karachi to Quetta it’s Rs. 7,050 one way.

Unique Features of Serene Air

Serene Air’s inaugural commercial flight will be on 29th January. The inaugural flight will go from Karachi to Islamabad with the airline offering some unique features and offers for its customers.

It will offer a full meal on board the flight and there will be a different menu every day. In addition to that Serene Air will offer discounts on a family of 5 or more people and discounts for children between the ages of 2-11 years.

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The airline will commence operations in Multan and Skardu in the upcoming weeks.

Via Pakistan Aviation

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  • Congratulation in advance from The management & staff of Travel Inn (Private) Limited, wish you at Serene Air best of luck Ameen :)

  • Nice Fares, Hats Off ( I would love to fly with you).
    Congratulation A New Air Line :
    We wish to fly whole Pakistan cities with affordable rates & best services.

  • I think this is the first Muslim airline that has Allah’s names printed near its cockpit. Check the first image: “Ya Raqibo (The Watchful), Ya Hafizo (The preserver)”. Don’t know whether it is good or bad because as a rule, you shouldn’t write Allah’s names on perishable things.

        • Yeah, and that has Allah’s name and is painted on the aircraft, and I don’t think Saudi Airlines are not perishable, you may have heard Chakri dadri case of mid-air collision of Saudi and Kazakhstan airlines.

    • You got to be kidding man! What Rule ? I don’t remember That The Holy Quran is written on Titanium Plates… Please don’t believe in such stupid things.

      • Remember those messages (SMS) about ayats and ahadees? It said that don’t save ayats in your mobile and don’t show them on monitor because they can disappear or can be deleted? Lol. Paper is perishable. Anyways I have heard no such rule ever.

      • It isn’t as much a rule as it is a sign of respect. That was just a figure of speech I used, ‘as a rule’. Go look it up in a dictionary.
        Secondly, the Holy Quran isn’t exposed to the elements as such and barring a natural disaster is generally kept safe. Do you know how do you dispose off of torn pages of the Book? By submerging them in flowing water so the ink washes off or by burning them and then scattering their ashes. And we are talking about the Holy Quran here. Its transmission and reproduction is a requirement. Why then would you use Holy Text on the body of an aircraft? When you have a choice not to desecrate? This is just a dignified form of slaughtering a ‘kaala bakra’.

        • “Barring a natural disaster”.
          Airplanes are crashed due to disasters and the same thing can happen to pages in the Quran. So I don’t know what logic you are following right now, but I ll say again, everything is perishable. Yes there’s a proper protocol for disposing off the pages but that is another thing. Nobody is going to do anything to the airplane unless and until a natural disaster or any other accident happens.

      • It isn’t as much a rule as it is a sign of respect. That was just a figure of speech I used, ‘as a rule’. Go look it up in a dictionary.

        • Don’t make “self made respect” so you have of justify everyone.
          its just your point of “respect” but that doesn’t mean nobody respect. Just point of view is different.

        • this self generated respect has literally killed the reading of quran in our homes… why because now we even afraid to touch it out of respect.

          • How is this self-generated respect when you can’t even touch the Quran without wudu? Does that not imply that we should respect the Holy Quran? Don’t be so ignorant.

            • and this is where the stupid sects come in and I try to ignor or skip things….
              just for you, i mean for you, not fit me,…( i know someone will come and start baseless arguments and bashing now)

              1: find the source and source is ( hadith (bukhari {actual book preferred) and quran) for any info that says dont touch quran without wudu.
              2: your giving way too much respect to a book that was nothing [without the quran ayaat printed afterwards]
              3: respect the quran, not book. example whole quran written on book is equal to a whole quran written on pdf document. you cant give respect to one and discard other. both entities contain GOD’s words.
              hope you understand.

              edit: i never meant you dont have to wudu, that’s basically preferred. my answer was just for one point only that you cant touch quran without wudu.

        • Paper is perishable. Anything can happen. Any disaster can happen anytime and we cant do anything to stop it. So we should also stop writing on paper out of respect, right? Everything is perishable. Go look up that word in the dictionary.

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