Official: Jazz Customers can Now Avail LTE, Warid Customers Get 3G Services

As we reported earlier, its has now been made official that Jazz customers can avail LTE services while Warid customers can enjoy 3G services across various parts of Pakistan.

With this new announcement, both Jazz and Warid customers will be able to experience mobile broadband experience of 3G or LTE based on their coverage area, handset and SIM compatibility.

“We are pleased to announce the launch of 3G services for Warid subscribers and LTE services for Jazz subscribers”, said a statement issued by the company.

If you have a compatible SIM and handset and are within coverage of the respective (3G or LTE) network, then you should be able avail 3G or LTE network.

Jazz said that LTE SIMs can be obtained from the nearest Franchise and Business Centers after biometric verification.

Information regarding LTE and 3G services can be retrieved by dialing *443# for prepaid and *446# for postpaid.

How to Activate LTE on Jazz

Prepaid subscribers can activate LTE by dialing *443*13# whereas Postpaid customers can dial *446*13# to activate LTE services.

Please note that by activating LTE, 2G and 3G services will also be activated.

How to Activate 3G on Warid

Prepaid customers can dial*443*2# for free to access offer information and thereon for subscription.

Postpaid customers can join 3G network by calling 321 or visiting Customer touch points.

Offer Information can be accessed by dialing *446#

Prices on LTE/3G

Jazz has said that all Internet offers are technology-neutral, i.e. bundles/offers can be used either on LTE or on 3G and even on 2G depending on the service availability. Internet offers can be subscribed by dialing *443*2# for prepaid customers and *446# for postpaid customers.


  • Jazz and Warid customers can experience LTE if they are in LTE coverage area and have the following:
    • LTE SIM
    • LTE compatible handset
  • Jazz and Warid customers can experience 3G services if they are in 3G coverage area and have compatibility handsets
  • 3G services can be availed with legacy (old) SIMs that you have been using
  • To check if your SIM is LTE compatible:
    • Prepaid customers: Dial *443*6# to check SIM compatibility
    • Postpaid customers: Dial *446# and select USIM check
  • To check if your handset is LTE compatible:
    • Prepaid customers: Dial *443*7# to check handset compatibility
    • Postpaid customers: Dial *446# and select LTE Handset check

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  • Arslan Ejaz

    What’s the point of this post? We already knew this

    • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

      Now Jazz started to claim itlself an LTE network officially.

      • YA Raza

        Zafar Bhai Jazz aor Warid ke frequency b aik hoi ya nhi abi ?

        • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

          Itni jaldi nai ho gi bhai. Saal lag jaye ga I think

    • Ammar

      OK from next time ProPakistani will personally contact you before posting something to confirm if you already knew it or not. Because God forbid if there are people who didn’t know it.

      • Arslan Ejaz

        Thank You for your kind words

    • BADAR

      OH thats good.

  • Sadiq Qureshi

    Warid+Jazz (Quality+Quantity) Simply The Best.

    • Mohammadee

      Closed many franchises and closed live chat with a customer care representative. They are compromising on quality. The signals of my warid sim already are poor now since the merger is in progress so i closed my Warid SIM.

      • Muhammad Faheem

        It will take some time to get things settled… There is a lot of chaos at present…. Its too early to start bashing jazz for this…. Warid customers were less no doubt, but i think they were obssessed with it… I myself never felt easy using any other operator anywhere in country… At present jazz quality is low but i hope they will manage it in coming days

      • Samee

        That’s why I am porting out from Warid.

        • Muhammad Faheem

          i ported from warid to jazz a month ago… though the same now but jazz pe to ana he tha so khushi khushi join kr lia

    • Waqas

      These type of mergers only good for companies. Nothing good for customers. Lesser competition, higher the prices for customers.

      • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

        It depends on nature of the competition. Lets suppose today Zong and Telenor merge into one company. Than both companies became very large and equal in size. And competition became neck to neck. In china there are only 3 companies.

        • Adnan

          Zafar bhai kia telenor zong merge ho rahe hain?

          • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

            I said just suppose.

          • Nemesis

            Telenor is a good company unlike Dhong or TuPhone.

            • umer

              Good company with pathetic internet speed

  • Joseph

    3G not working on Warid.

  • Ahista Ahista Warid Name will be replaced by JAZZ & only Jazz Name shown at front of warid customer :

  • Adnan

    speedtest of jazz?

    • Ali Asghar

      I am Warid user, its LTE Services (at least in the areas, where i tested) Gives max 6Mbps, since i got the facility to use Jazz’s 3G, i am constantly getting 21Mbps+ in Saddar, Karachi and 16Mbps in my office located close to Civil Hospital.

      • Adnan

        21Mbps on 3G or 4G??

  • Umar Awan

    But still jazz helpline 777 saying that lte is not commercially launched yet and still its soft launch


    Tab hi meri jazz sim per LTE chalna band hogaya hai. 2 din pehle tak mchalta tha ab to keh raha hai kay aap kay apss LTE sim hi nhi hai. mere pass 2 sim hai un aik calls aik dongle. dongle wali per chalta tha LTE laiken ab nhi chal raha hai aur Company kehrahi hai kay aap kay pass 4g sim nhi hai

    • Umar Awan

      Ye to ajeeb bat ha .wase to chal rha ha jazz pe . Mere pas bhi postpaid sim aur dongle ki data sim dono pe lte chal rha ha

  • Muhammad Usama Masood

    Top news of 20th century!

  • Please share your LTE speed experience. It will much easier to know how service is currently going now.

  • Anjum

    can any body confirm about share tower of both company.
    in my village there is warid tower but i have jazz sim. (i will also check when i visit my village)