After Punjab, Sindh Asks PTA to Block Careem & Uber in Pakistan

After Punjab’s ban on Careem, Uber and other ride-hailing services, Sindh has sprung in to ban these services in Karachi, Geo TV has reported.

Citing Transport Secretary Sindh, the TV report said that private cars can not be used for commercial purposes and such cars have to seek mandatory legal permits to operate for ride-hailing services.

Taha Farooqui, Transport Secretary Sindh, was cited as saying that Sindh Government has already contacted Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to block Careem’s mobile app in Pakistan.

Official didn’t clarify on how PTA is going to ban the app, or how this ban will be implemented for Sindh only

Sindh Government, in a press statement, said that it wrote five letters to Careem management as a warning but received no reply.

Statement further read that provincial government has also initiated action against Uber to bring the app within ‘official compliance’.

Owners of the cars would be required to obtain fitness certificates for the cars. Route permits would be needed before the cars can be used as taxis, he added.

It won’t be out of place to mention that Punjab government issued a similar notification for Uber and Careem, after which such services are now illegal in Punjab.

Update: Punjab Govt Clarifies that Careem, Uber Are Not Banned!

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  • Stupid people, they cant see common people to enjoy this service, I am always travelling over Careem and yes it allows me to park my car at home and save my time. As I am not in lahore so I am saving to travelling 300 Km to come to lahore and then drive inside city for no reason.

    • You are stupid more!! Why should i be allowed to run a my private car as a taxi without prior permissions by government??

      • Do you also take permission from your abba ji’s government before eating or going to the loo? Stop sucking Nawaz’ so much.

      • You are even tripple time stupid then any body else by commenting like that, do you take permission from government going to toilet or doing badmashi on the roads. Do every groceory store, every food stall, every pan wala, kebab wala having government approval before to start anything.

        Do Nawaz Shareef your leader had permission before carrying billion dollars over camel in desert of Dubai.

        • He’s a noorani jiyala :P They have those special noorani glasses, can’t see the benefit, only licking the balls of nooras. P.S. I hate PTI as well. Don’t label me as a youthiiya.

      • I recently shared my private halal ke paison ki car with my friends to go to Murree.. Ooooops, sorry I didn’t take permission from the government. One of my friends also went to the loo after eating Chicken Roast in Patriata, he didn’t take permission either. Should we hand ourselves over to Kim-Jong Noora Trump?

    • What do you mean by stupid people. These rules and regulation must be applied with in country. Did you see careem in UAE. Are they hiring private cars for taxi?.
      For public safety and security all these measurement should be taken. For you Careem would be safe, but what if in case you had an accident just due to bad maintenance of car. (You dont know who the person is caring this car)

      • It applies not on private taxi my dear, have you ever been in Rawalpindi & Islamabad taxi, maintance, security, over charging everything have you even notice and majority are private taxies there, It applies on public transport too, Uber & Careem are giving highyl wel maintained new model cars not like Chakra buses are on the roads. This is just government wanted to make money out of some public facility they should appriciate that somebody is doing good and they can get credit on that they have brought Uber and careem kind of thinbgs for common people in Pakistan instead just for business purpose they are trying to defame them.

        For security Taxi in rawalpindi or Rickshaw in Lahore were never been safe due to Badmash type drivers and then maintanance is just like a joke in Pakistan for public transport.

  • Sindh Govt ka paisa bananay ka naya tareeka. Like Karachi main dosri services proper chal rahi hain. Sharam bhi nahi in logon ko TV par sar e aam jhoot boltay hoay.

  • Zardari aur Gullu Brothers ko kyuin na ban kar dia jaye hamesha k liye? Jo is mulk ki sub se bari burai hain.

  • Just shows how f*cked the system is.

    Owners of the car require fitness certificates? Has Pakistan seen the condition of our taxis? Kabhi light nahin, kabhi bumper missing, kabhi tape laga huwa, kabhi smoke kar raha.

    The condition of the cars used by Careem drivers aren’t even comparable to our taxis.

    My friend regularly uses Careem when he doesn’t have a driver, because it’s safer and more reliable than having to find a local taxi driver in his poorly maintained Mehran.

  • Govt ko srf ye msla he ke, ye companies khud pese bana rahi haen or hamen kuch ni de rahi khane ko

  • Kal bhi bhutto zinda tha. Aaj bhi bhutto zinda hai. Aur uska bhoot saari awaaz ko aaj bhi pareshaan kar raha hai. Awaam se bas harr sahulat cheen lo. Anqareeb, woh waqt nazdeek hai jab Saans Tax aur Washroom tax bhi nafiz kar diya jaye ga Democratic People’s Republic of Kim-Jong Noora main.

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