Fake News Alert: Kuwait Has Not Barred Entry for Pakistanis

Trump’s “Muslim” ban seems to have taken the world by storm. So much so that some media outlets are releasing fake news claiming that other countries have also banned entry from these countries.

Kuwait is in the spotlight here with people on social media and some news outlets claiming that the country has placed a ban on Muslim countries. Reports by these outlets claim that Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are on the list of countries not allowed entry in Kuwait.

No Ban in Kuwait

We would like to clarify that there is no such ban in place in Kuwait. Pakistan’s ambassador to Kuwait, Ghulam Dastagir reported yesterday that there is no such ban in place for Pakistani nationals.

He further added that the news circulating on social media about the ban was baseless and that something similar happened back in 2011.

Not The First Time

The ban has been in place since 2011 according to these reports, citing “difficult security conditions in the five countries” as the reason for the ban.

It should be noted that back in 2011, Gulf News reported that Kuwait had in fact banned visa applicants from these countries. People are citing this source to spread rumors on the internet. However, the reports of the ban are completely baseless.

Fake News Claims Defense Minister as Victim

Our very own Defense minister, Khawaja Asif fell victim to something similar several weeks ago. He threatened nuclear war against Israel based on a fake news article on a website that claimed “Israeli Defense Minister: If Pakistan send ground troops to Syria on any pretext, we will destroy this country with a nuclear attack”.

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The Israeli defense ministry later tweeted that the news was fake and the statement attributed to the Defense Minister Yaalon was false.

Via Geo News

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  • Please go ahead, apply a visa for Kuwait and let me know if you get it.
    The ban is not official. They just dont give the visa to Pakistanis.
    Similarly Qatar rejects almost 50% of the visas for Pakistanis.

    • True. I got family there and they don’t issue any new visas since a decade, have you been living under a rock? Its not official but do try applying for one and you would know!

    • My friend what are you saying? Mr. Dastagir got his visa, and he is there, so everyone is also getting visas — not one journalist probably asked him how many visas were issued, and as a percentage of population of Pakistan, what is this ratio, compared to say, India, or Egypt or Philippines or any other major supplier of “labor” to these countries?
      New Pakistanis are RARELY given visas, and hundreds of thousands are being kicked out even from our “best buddy” Saudi Arabia . . . .
      Because our leaders only care about their own families in Jeddah and Dubai, who the hell cares about the people?

  • I got a job offer from Kuwait, later the visa rejected due to Pakistani national, Qatar has the same policy for Pak National.

    Even the CIS countries not issuing Visas for Pakistani, which I am facing now a days.

    • Now third time same comment has been censored with all evidence and links . . . .
      Pro-Pakistani, the difference between censoring sensitive material which may damage Pakistan National Interests, and material that highlights ENEMIES of Pakistan should be known by you.
      I want to ask you just one question. By hiding the identities of enemies of Pakistan, what are you saying about yourselves — are you with Pakistan, or against us?

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