India to Install High-tech Smart Fence Alongside Pakistani Border

Amidst missile testing carried out by Pakistan, India is feeling the pressure mounting up and has revealed details about its new smart laser fence.

India is setting up a smart fence alongside the India-Pakistan border. Initially only the border in Jammu and Kashmir will have the new smart fence installed. The total part of the border to be covered will be 198-kilometers, covering districts like Kathua and Samba.

The Costs

The Indian government is going to invest Rs. 8 Billion (Around 12.5 Billion Pakistani Rupees) on this fence which they’re claiming to be the world’s best laser-based anti-infiltration technology. The total cost for the system will be covered by the Indian government.

Israel Partnership

For this venture, Indian Institute of Management and the Israel government are teaming up to install the new anti-infiltration system.

Official sources as, quoted by Indian media said,

It is for the first time that the government of India is officially taking the assistance of Israel in installation of world’s latest technology equipment on the International Border to trap the militants during their infiltration attempts.
The focus is on to trap the militants even if they managed to breach border fencing or infiltrate through tunnels, as has been witnessed on some occasions in the past. The technology would ensure that the militants are trapped on the border at any cost

The initial testing for this new anti-infiltration system has turned out to be successful.

Pakistan’s Ababeel Missile

Pakistan Army tested the new Ababeel missile a few weeks ago. The missile has a record 2,200 KM range and employs Multi Independent Re-entry Vehicle (MIRV) technology. It can reportedly bypass anti missile defense systems and can carry nuclear payloads as well.

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