Gmail Will Soon Stop Working on Windows XP & Vista

Using Gmail on Google’s Chrome browser is set to become a much more arduous task for users stuck on older Windows variants. Technically, the email service will not work on Chrome version 53 and below, as a result of which, support for Gmail will go away on Older Windows versions, as well.

Most of the users running these older versions of Chrome are invariably running Windows XP and Vista, platforms which last saw Chrome updated way back with the version 49, as announced by Google on its G Suite Updates blog.

Users who are still using Gmail on these platforms can continue to do so until the end of 2017. During that they will be automatically re-directed to the basic HTML version. From next year, the service won’t be available, though.

The latest version of Chrome is Chrome v55, which Google emphasizes comes with “several important security updates”. According to the company policy, only the latest version of its web browser is supported, which means for maximum protection, an update to the latest version is a must.

Users who remain on Chrome v53 and below could be redirected to the basic HTML version of Gmail as early as Dec 2017.

Microsoft has been giving us reasons time and time again to kill support for its older Windows variants. While Windows XP is less than 10% of the market now and Vista almost non-existent, perhaps a lot of users won’t be affected by the news anyway.

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