FPSC’s Official Response on News That CSS Exam Papers Were Leaked

Over the weekend, the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) was heavily criticized over the matter of leaked CSS Exam question papers. A person named Sadia Kousar leaked the papers about 20 days before the exam date.

The Incident

The lady posted the English paper on January 26 while the actual paper was held on February 16. She also mentioned questions from the Current Affairs exam on January 31. People claimed that these were the same questions which appeared in the paper. Rumors were also circulating that on secret social media groups that papers can be bought for Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 80,000. In return students were given pin codes to access papers.

People took to the social media over the poor management of the FPSC and blamed the retired bureaucrats who were still employed by the department instead of academics. It was suggested that if the leak was real, FPSC should be ashamed and leading management should be changed otherwise, action should be taken against Sadia Kousar under the cyber rime bill for spreading the wrong information.

It was also claimed that this was an attempt to hurt the prestige of the CSS exams. FIA launched an inquiry into the matter on Saturday. The FPSC Chairman, Naveed Akram Cheema, denied the allegations but said he could not comment on the matter.

FPSC’s Official Response

Now, the FPSC has shared a press release as their official response to the leak allegations,

“A news item has appeared in the press about availability of guess/questions on social media relating to two compulsory papers of CSS-2017 Examination, much before actual conduct of the papers. It has been alleged that the actual questions in the papers were quite similar. It is emphasized that strong and foolproof mechanisms are in place to maintain secrecy and confidentiality of question papers as well as other related information at the Federal Public Service Commission. It is felt that certain quarters may be making an attempt to cast aspersions on the working of FPSC. The matter has been taken very seriously by the Commission and accordingly referred to Federal Investigation Agency to probe and investigate the matter.”

FIA Investigation

The FIA is already at work on the matter and will take data records from PTV and NADRA over the CSS exam leak matter. The lady’s Facebook record has been received for ten of her 4856 friends. It has been found that four students named Shumaila, Farhan, Ahmed and Huma Anjum were in contact with Sadia Kousar and took papers from her.

Sadia Kousar also met with an important PTV official on October 16 and visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She has also visited India and Saudi Arabia in the past. Other information has revealed that she is known as ‘Jungle kay pir baba’ among her friends.

The FIA is hard at work on finding out the truth behind the FPSC scandal.

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  • these people are biased and think css as a joke. they are minting money and are playing in the hands of politicians. sb chor hen. ab to CSS b fraud lagna shuru ho gaya he. i was thinking to take exam next year. shame on FPSC organizers.

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