Passenger Arrested for Smuggling Smartphones at Karachi Airport

A passenger who was returning from Sharjah was arrested at the Quaid-e-Azam International Airport in Karachi after he was found trying to smuggle in Smartphones that are allegedly worth Rs. 1.9 million.

The staff of Pakistani Customs that were present at the arrival area were responsible for catching the culprit. The smartphones consisted of some high-end brands such as Apple, Samsung, LG etc. The indicted passenger, identified only as Mujahid, was soon taken into custody. A physical remand for him has been obtained from court.

Not the first time

Sadly, this case of smuggling phones into the country isn’t the first of its kind and is probably not the last. Just last year in a passenger from was arrested by custom officials at the Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore. The man, identified as Naveed Bhatti, was coming from China when his luggage was detained.

To get through the custom officials he told them that he was coming from Saudi Arabia instead of China which is why he was keeping bottles of Aab-e-ZamZam. However, a quick scan of his luggage soon revealed that he was actually trying to smuggle in about 170 Mobile Phones that were hidden in the bottles.

Similarly, in July 2016, another case of smuggling was brought to light when custom officials were able to catch a passenger trying to smuggle in 1,645 mobiles phones along with 10,700 memory cards at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport. The estimated worth of all the equipment was Rs. 20 million.

A Serious Issue

According to a report, more than 59% of the mobile phones available in the market are actually smuggled. The practice of smuggling smartphones causes a loss of $1.1 billion to the national exchequer.

The increase in smuggling is also on the rise due to the unnecessary taxes on the industry. In the 2015-2016 budget, the government imposed new taxes and the impact was clearly visible when the legal mobile phone import dropped by 30%.

The market of smuggled smartphones also badly affects the legitimate mobile importers and distributors of mobile phones that are bound to invest, pay commission to the retailers, spend largely on marketing just to end up touching just 40% of the entire mobile phone market.

Sources: The Express Tribune,

  • I have seen shops selling used smartphones smuggled from other countries like Korea, UAE etc. Used cell phones are not allowed to import and they’re importing and selling. No action from PTA or any agency. This is one case where as many people returning with these bags of phones.

    • Karachi airport is worst and easy to bribe customs officials.

      Have you ever heard about 2 billion Rs. worth of gold transaction on Karachi airport which FIA is still investigating against M/S NamNihad Company Ltd. ?

      People who are aware know that behind dollar queen and this transfer were from same political party.

  • PKR : 1.9 Million :
    Simple Tax Bharty : PKR 250 Per Set & Then Clearance Certificate Mil Jata :
    Mobile Bhi Gaya Maal Bhi Gaya Ezzat Bhi Gayi :
    Ab Wo Sara Maal Auction Hoga :
    Waha Se Yahi Shaks Eaisly Nlikal Lega Kam Qeemat Main :
    Yahi Karty Hai Log Maal La K Pakarwa Dete hai Or Auction Main Dalwaty Hai : TAX Saving

      • Bhai :
        Sub Mily Howi hoty Hai :
        Mera Custom Ana Jana Laga Rehta Hai :
        Notice Board Pe Aucition Ki Dawat Ki Jati Hai :
        Her Cheez Auciton Main Jati Hai
        Brokers K Peechy Log Jaty Hai
        Auciton Main ZaidaTar Maal Scarp K Naam Se Hota Hai :
        Sirf Wahi Interested hota hai Jiska Maal Hai
        Unhi K Admi Hoty hai

  • What the hell has National Exchequer ever given to a common man. Stupid taxes, unnecessary duties to suck every pint of blood from a person who wishes to deal fairly and squarely like for example in case of imported cars. Duties on hybrid cars is off or very less if car is less than 1200 cc .. WTF ! When the whole world knows that most hybrid cars are above 1500 cc then whats the deal with such stupid law? So that people pay huge sum for used vehicles, sometimes double their actual price just to quench the National Exchequer shit of a deal !

    So F the national exchequer !

    • Butt sb,
      This national exchequer is very small to give much to common man because only 5% of Pakistanis pay taxes. We demand a lot but we don’t even know our responsibilities. I am saying this even though I pay a handsome amount in taxes, never transfer money in and out of Pakistan via illegal means :)

      • Using your 5% figure (it is actually much lower), these 5% pay direct and indirect taxes.

        Rest all of 95% pay indirect taxes.

        Those who pay direct taxes are screwed twice by the government. Gormint un ka dou baar baladkaar karti hai.

  • My friend is buying new “OnePlus 3T” from UAE for me. He will be travelling next week. Will this mobile be considered in smuggling too? Will this mobile be greeted with Pakistani taxes in Karachi Airport?

    • If your friend is overseas Pakistan and transfers remittances via bank he can claim a tax exemption (to an extent) card from Pakistan embassy which allows to carry tax free luggage to a certain limit.

      90% of overseas Pakistanis use illegal ways to transfer funds to Pakistan which in return helps transfer of black money out of Pakistan, such practice is on peak in KPK, and then they try to bribe on airports for mobile/laptops/tvs.

    • upto 5 devices are allowed LEGALLY for a person to bring with him/her according LAW of the Land. so he & you can relax.

      • That’s a great help. Yes, I saw an acquaintance bringing 5 mobiles from London. Now, I know the reason for bringing atmost 5! Thanks brother :)

  • lolzzz yaar aaasan aur seedhi baat hey custom waloon ko pesse nahi diye is ney
    kitney hi loog hain jo sara din dubai se khi aur khi se dubai ghomte rehte hain aur un ka sirif ek hi kaam hota hey idher ka maal udher aur udher ka idher karte hain custome ki support se QUAID E AAZEM KE zoor se

  • Is bringing along illegal? Why customs couldn’t charge tax on it there and then like it’s supposed to … This isn’t travel restricted item is it

  • ” The increase in smuggling is also on the rise due to the unnecessary
    taxes on the industry. In the 2015-2016 budget, the government imposed
    new taxes and the impact was clearly visible when the legal mobile phone
    import dropped by 30%.”

    Hear hear!!!

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