Here’s How You Can Buy PSL Final Tickets Online!

Pakistan Super League final will be played at Qaddafi Stadium, Lahore; this has been finally decided by the top most government officials.

Amid recent law and order situation in Lahore, things were uncertain about the venue of PSL final being held here. Today, however, as you might have heard already, Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister Punjab, finally took the decision and announced that PSL Final will be held in Lahore.

Naturally, as you would expect, security is likely to be beefed up for the remaining days till the PSL final and as many as 7,000 policemen will be guarding the PSL final to ensure fool proof security arrangements on the big day.

Development also means that a lot of Pakistanis are going to see the biggest cricketing event at home after some eight years — and it can’t get any better with other than PSL final in Lahore.

This also calls for a live match while being in stadium to cheer for your favorite PSL team.

While tickets are currently not put up on sale, everyone knows that they will be sold with-in no time. And that’s why we are trying to prepare you before its too late.

While we don’t know the time when PSL final tickets will go up on sale, its confirmed that PSL final tickets will go online any time starting today (Tuesday — Feb 28th, 2017).

Time for PSL Final

  • March 5th, 2017
  • Qaddafi Stadium, Lahore

PSL Final Ticket Prices

Here are the price at which PSL final tickets will be sold:

  • Rs. 500
    • Sarfraz Nawaz enclosure
    • Saeed Anwer enclosure
  • Rs. 4,000
    • Imtiaz Ahmed enclosure
    • Hanif Mohammad enclosure
    • Zaheer Abbas enclosure
    • Saeed Ahmed enclosure
    • Majid Khan enclosure
    • Inzemam ul haq enclosure
    • Qaid’s enclosure
    • Nazar Mohammad enclosure
  • Rs. 8,000
    • Javed Miandad enclosure
    • Raja’s enclosure
    • Abdul Qadir enclosure
    • A.H. Kardar enclosure
  • Rs. 12,000
    • Includes food serving
    • Imran Khan enclosure
    • Fazal Mohammad enclosure
    • Waqar Younis enclosure (far end)
    • Waseem Akram enclosure (far end)

Where to Buy PSL Final Tickets

So we have confirmed with the concerned officials, and PSL final tickets will be sold by Q Tickets.

To buy PSL Final Tickets Online, go to Q-Tickets:

Simply go to this website, and see if PSL Final tickets are made available or not — if you see the final tickets available, then go and grab them.

Alternatively, you can always check back until PSL final tickets are available.

Not to mention, PSL final tickets will also be available at retail outlets starting Wednesday, March 1st, 2017. But expect inflated prices (up to 3-4 times) on retail outlets or if you are buying these tickets unofficially from any third party.

Happy cricketing!

Edit: The tickets for the game are sold out. 

Zarar is the Editor of Sports and Auto section at ProPakistani.

  • Mubeen ali

    When online tickets will be available ?
    please tell me the time of online availability??

    • Ali Salman

      Jawaris and black marketers have already purchased tickets in bulk and within minutes tickets were sold.. PSL management purposely let this happen as they are also to earn a “little” extra.

  • Rizwan

    First, Online tickets will not be available on Q-Tickets. They don’t serve Pakistani market. This article is merely written to get some search traffic from Google and doesn’t have any real value yet. They may update the article when more information will be available. Till then, let Aamir Sb make some extra bucks ;)

    • SSyar

      they(ProP) have to earn as well na.,,

  • salman

    plz can buy online tickets for psl…

  • Usman Alvi

    Tickets are so f*****ing costly. Is se acha ek chakkar Uae ka hi lga letay.

    • Hassam Tahir

      yeah spending 4k on a ticket = spending on a dubai airline ticket. Genius

  • Yousuf Rahman

    Pointless buying a ticket; it would take several hours just to enter the stadium because of security checks causing us to miss half the match…

    • Abid Ali

      Nope, like last time when Zim visited, it took 40 minutes to reach stadium and gates were closed an hour before the match.

      • Syed Arslan Tahir

        tu phir kia sukay he mur ayy wapis.

        • Abid Ali

          No, ek 2 ghantay pehle jao match se. Zim first t20 start time was 7:30PM but there was rush outside at Ferozepur Road at 3PM.

          • Syed Arslan Tahir

            Abid bro , we have to come all the way from rawalpindi, phir tu buhat pehlay ana paray ga.

            • Abid Ali

              Yep, apko 3-4 PM tak pohanchna ho ga to e safe.

    • Hassam Tahir

      yeah that’s why gates will open a few hours before the match.

  • Hum Jaisay Other than Lahories k Liye
    Online Streaming, TV, FM Radio Kafi Hai :

  • ProPk :
    Incomplete News : Final Ticket Lahore is not available at your above link check below image :

  • Muhammad Aamir Mushtaq

    there is no option for addafi stadium match
    did u check before posting this ?

    • Syed Zarar

      Once they add the stadium, it will appear on this very link. Keep checking regularly.

      • Muhammad Aamir Mushtaq

        Okay, thanks, any idea about when it will be

  • tickets prices ko dekh kar lag raha hai jasy PAKVIND match hai then still u have to walk 1,2 km to reach the studium bec no vehicle is allowed near studium

  • aamir7
    • Syed Arslan Tahir

      What about online ticketing wo bhi kia Ship ho k ayin gy Dubai say. :D

      • Abid Ali

        Maybe apko print milay.

  • Syed Aizaz Ahmed

    bhai kaisy tickets millien gi q-tickets pe to final match ki ticket ki abhi tk koi option nai i


    Qaum ko Zindagi Chahiye PSL nhi.

  • muhammad ajmal

    jb yahan kisi k paas credit card na ho

    • Najeeb Rana

      I have 5 Extra Tickets. 8000 price

      • muhammad ajmal

        No thanks

        • Ali Salman

          No thanks.

          Say no to corruption. Zardari used to do the same.

  • Abid Ali

    Minimum Ticket price is Rs. 4000. Hmm, too cheap :P

  • Najeeb Rana

    I have 5 Extra Tickets of PSL Final. for 8000

    • Syed Arslan Tahir

      kitnay walay tickets hain bro

    • Zohaib Hassan

      500 Rs wali hai kiya??????

    • Ye Bik Gayi Gormint :
      A Gaye Black Main Ticket Sell Karne Waly

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