This New Luxury Bus Service Offers Tickets As Low as Rs. 1

There is a new luxury bus company starting operations in Pakistan that will offer Lahore to Islamabad and vice versa trips starting at just Rs. 1.

Royals Express says that it will offer variable fares just like airlines do. Basically, if you reserve your seat in advance and early, then you will be charged less. The fares on your booked ride will keep increasing (Rs. 200, Rs. 400 and so on) until bus is half booked or more.

Simply put, if you are the first one to book a ticket on a particular ride, the first ticket will be sold for Rs. 1. The a chunk of tickets will be sold for Rs. 200, then another block of tickets for Rs. 400 and so on.

Here is how the bus fares will be broken down:

Thanks to, you can even select seat numbers and reserve your booking online for Royals Express bus service.

Royals Express told ProPakistani that its current fleet includes 16 buses and 30 more buses will be added within a month’s time.

With some high buses that feature 3 seats in a row, Royals Express promises to offer some additional features in their buses such as wash room, kitchen, on seat entertainment etc.

Current fleet offers tray tables, seat adjustment which helps in adding more space between two passengers sitting together, mobile phone charging ports and even onboard WiFi connectivity.

Royals Express said that it will soon offer in-journey meals for passengers, for which they can pay separately at the time of buying tickets online. The company said that while it has yet not finalized the menu, the in-journey bus meals would include burgers, pizza, fried chicken, snacks and more.

You can even add a cab service for the pick up and drop off to your destination.

Royals Express is launching tomorrow (March 9th, 2017) with two way service between Lahore and Islamabad.

Here are the features again:

  • In-bus WiFi
  • Plug-in power for your tablet and laptop
  • Play your favorite video games
  • Perk up your moods with our hot and cold beverage service
  • in-bus rest room
  • in-bus meals (billed separately)

You can visit their website here:

Here are some pictures of their buses:

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  • I used this bus and it is amazing.The best part is the charging port with each seat.Very comfortable seats.its better than Daewoo.

    • Actually, its useless for 99.95 percent of the population. (Even if we consider that 1000k people (around 50% of the total lahori n islamabadi population ) actually visit the city.)

    • Are you kidding me seriously? You cannot test a new business model on every bus of your fleet. You have to run it on a small scale. And here by small scale we are talking of isb-lhr. The most frequent inter city travel route in Pakistan. Have some patience and appreciate the innovation that our entrepreneurs are bringing up in every industry.
      Speaking of appreciating entrepreneurship, a shout out to Propakistani for highlighting this. We woul not have seen this through main stream media

    • Don’t worry.They aren’t fake.i have already used travel on their buses and will be travelling tomorrow again.

      • Sir, WIth due respect, you might have traveled on the bus model same as royals are providing, what did they charge you?

        • Tanzeel they are using latest yutong buses..very comfortable seats..better than Daewooo..Before this promotion,they were charging Rs.800 and now they are charging Rs.1,Rs 200,Rs 400 depending on how early you book the ticket in advance.

          • That i know very well Zaeem bhai!
            I was just asking did you meet any one who’ve paid Rs:1 for Lahore-Islamabad or vice versa? I mean their must be one person who had paid Rs: 1 for the first reserved ticket. As they claim they charge only 1 for the first booking made. and then the fares rise up untill the departure time.
            Moreover, what is the maximum they charge for, at the time of departure, if i reserve a seat on the terminal, what maximum will i have to pay for it?

            • Bro i traveled yesterday from Lahore to Islamabad on their 12 PM bus by booking my seat in advance in Rs.2.
              Their maximum fare is RS.800.

              • Wow! That is really very satisfying and i hope this service keeps their policies. Good Luck to their service and Thankyou Zaeem and Mohsin for your responce. Satisfied now and Thumbs Up for Royal Express! (Y) (Y)

            • Bhai bus me pehli seat ya pehli 2 seats Rs:01 then next 200 then 300 then 400 as well as.

  • Can any body tell me where is their bus stand in Lahore and Islamabad. I have just booked 2 seats but now I don’t where to go for the ride

  • also looks fake to me. I tried to book the ticket entering full info but in the end nothing no booking no message no conformation.

    • Bro they arent fake..i have used their services and i will be travelling today again.Kindly try again.

  • this is impossible… only for 1 rupee…this could be fake…..simple common sense ha keh bus waalon ko kia faida ho ga iss mein???

    • brother, only first seat one can book for One Pkr then 200 for a chunk of seats, then 400 and then 800. Visit website. BTW admin can confirm as many people calling it a fake service

    • How can you be so sure? Have you tried and tested it? If not then wait for the service and then make speculations.

  • only advance payment is acceptable? & If we pay in advance how will you verify it on the time of arrival? Can we also pay by hand on the time of departure?

    • You will get a message about you ticker from Bookme.Show that message on the terminal on the day of your departure.They will issue you tickets.

  • I am travelling in their 12 PM bus right now from Lahore to Islamabad by booking my seat in advance in Rs.2.

  • i saw several similar colored Yutong buses running on the motorway…the drivers were driving like crazy…really fast……the buses seem thin so four seats across seems like stuffing people…seem like ordinary seats…Bilal daewoo run similar buses…this form of pricing is funny however they donot look like luxury buses

  • کیا ہرج تھا اگر آپ یہ بھی بتا دیتے کہ بس کا اڈہ کہاں۔

  • today i hv to trvl islamabad lahore nd contact urs faizabad booking office on 0348 111 7 111 at 2330 hrs on27mar2017
    first he pic nd after saying helo drop the call
    nd after that no one attend the call
    buses looks gud but service is poor

  • and are thieves.

    I booked bus for 0830hrs Sunday 23rd April from Lahore. When I went to station, they conveniently said the 0830hrs bus was cancelled and I can get refund from

    When I called they lady on the phone said she couldn’t issue refunds and I should send an email which was never responded back.

  • Pathetic service i am at the moment in the same bus e route islamabad. Charging ports are not working in most seats I had to exchange seat with another passenger to chage my ipad. The onboard wifi is not working. The service at most say sorry with a smile. I would give it 2 out of 5 that too as i got the seat exchanged.

  • TO

    Is is a matter of great pleasure that your company has introduce most comfortable Deluxe type bus services for many Nos of towns

    If you want to earn good money/income in your fair business,then introduce six Nos of Bus servuces from RWP upto Pinanwal via motor way. ON THE FOLLOWING TIME TABLE

    1)- 8-00 AM (BUSINESSMEN)
    2)- 10-00 AM (DESIRED PERSONS)
    3- 12-00 AM (GOVT SERVANTS)
    4- 14-00 PM (DESIRED PERSONS)
    5- 16-00 PM (GOVT SERVANTS)
    6- 18-00 PM (BUSINESSMEN)
    1- 5-00 AM ( GOVT SERVANTS), Many Nos of Govt employees
    of Islamabad always travelling in First bus
    service to reach ISD
    2)- 7-00 AM ( BUSINESSMEN), Many shop keepers travel to
    Rawalpindi for purchasing of items from
    wholesale market RWP
    4- 15-00PM (DESIRED PERSONS)
    5- 17-00PM (GOVT SERVANTS),
    6- 19-00PM (BUSINESSMEN)

    AT Presently , there are running six Nos 2nd hand & NON AIR CODITIONED BUSES BUT THE owners of these buses are GOONDA TYPE PERSONS because they charged exorbitant fares that that approved by govt . The AC of buses are always found closed. The conductors of these buses are always habitual of misbehaving with passengers

    If you introduce your own bus services on this income rarning routes,You will earn more and more income on this route because more than 3000 pasengers are daily travelled from Pinanwal to Rawalpindi daily

    I hope that YOU will introduce your own bus services on this most important and maximum money earning routes.


    MA (Pol Science), BA(Mass Comm), DAE(Electrical)
    DATE 21-06-2

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