HEC Asks for Public Input to Finalize Education Vision 2025

In line with Vision 2025 goals formulated by the government, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has shared its own Vision 2025 document with a focus on education. The authority has also asked public opinion to finalize the document.

The draft details the priorities and goals for the government and the HEC that they will achieve by the year 2025. Irrespective of different administrations or management, these goals offer a road map for the concerned officials in the education department to follow.

Focus Areas of The Vision 2025

There are 8 key areas of focus here:

  1. To Strengthen and Consolidate National Higher Education Commission with the aim of regulating and reforming standards for tertiary education thus creating a knowledge economy to bring Pakistan up to upper middle income status
  2. Increasing Equitable Access to increase diversity in education particularly by gender and region
  3. Excellence in Leadership, Governance and Management. Good leaders, governance and management can ensure proper planning and implementation of education reforms.
  4. Increasing Faculty with Highest Academic Qualifications. This means getting more PhD level lecturers and professors
  5. Enhancing Quality of Curricular Offerings. Current degree programs will be improved or overhauled to increase quality of education at different grades of study.
  6. Research, Innovation and Commercialization. More tier 1 universities will be created with well-staffed and qualified research, innovation and commercialization offices
  7. Financial Management and Enhanced Investment.
  8. I.T. Embedded Higher Education. The aim is to improve productivity, efficiency, research output and cost effectiveness through state of the art IT technologies.

According to the announcement made by the HEC,

The document aligns Human Resource ​Development platform with Economic Development platform to create knowledge economy in Pakistan. HEC plans to implement a process of developing critically needed human capital that is both professionally competent and ethically committed to make Pakistan an emerging Asian Economic Tiger.

Public Opinion

You can give your suggestions for the HEC Vision 2025 as well. Your opinion (according to HEC) will be used while finalizing the draft for the Vision 2025.

Your comments , suggestions regarding each or any of the aforementioned strategic priorities are requested to finalize the draft document.

You can comment or provide feedback on each of the aforementioned focal areas here.

Need For Proper Implementation

Implementation is key here as reforms like these have been suggested earlier as well. If the government can successfully follow through with HEC’s Vision 2025 then Pakistan’s education sector will get the attention it needs to excel.

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