Punjab Govt Launches Air-Conditioned Metro Feeder Bus Service in Lahore

Punjab government has announced 200 buses which will run on feeder routes towards. The project was initially stated to start in April last year. However, delays in agreement between the Punjab Mass-transit Authority (PMA) and the operator delayed the project.

The service was formally launched by Chief Minister Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif, today. The 200 new buses will also offer similar ease and accessibility as the Metro Bus service and will operate within a 500 metre radius to connect the 27-km Metro bus route to the rest of Lahore.

According to the details, there will be 14 routes (129km in route length) with buses arriving every 10 minutes. The fare collection system will be automatic and the buses will be equipped with Bus Scheduling System.

The Feeder bus service will operate from 6 AM to 11 PM.



The buses will be equipped with the following features:

  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Automatic stop announcement like Metro buses
  • Camera surveillance
  • Ramp for wheel chair passengers
  • Priority seats for the handicapped and the old
  • Passenger door safety


The same metro bus card can be used in both Feeder buses and Metro buses. A fixed and simple integrated fare will be charged irrespective of the route and services.

  • Flat fare of Rs. 15 will be charged for Feeder bus passengers.
  • Additional trip charge of Rs. 5 will be charged for passengers transferring from Feeder bus to Metro bus.
  • Metrobus passengers have to pay nothing when transferring to Feeder buses.
  • Passengers travelling from Feeder bus to feeder bus will be charged Rs. 5 per trip.
  • Maximum fare of Rs 25 will be charged for three trips.
  • A passenger has to switch to next bus within 30 minutes or the token will expire.

Operator Charges

Out of the total 200 buses, 162 are big-sized (for 70 passengers) while the remaining 38 are small sized, according to Daewoo. The operator has a six year contract with PMA and can be extended upon agreement between both parties.

The government will be paying a flat rate of Rs 165 per kilometer for large buses and Rs 140 for small buses irrespective of whether there are any passengers or not. However, it is estimated that a huge amount of travelers will benefit from the service during busy hours. 162 large buses are capable of carrying about 1,000 passengers each day.

Other Information

Ticket card sale points will be set up at 22 locations along the feeder routes and 15 handheld electronic ticket validators will be used by ticket inspectors. It is possible that the service will be expanded in the future.

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  • so happy!! they should bring this service in rwp and islambabd…too and introduce mores services of thier own instead paying others

  • The government will be paying a flat rate of Rs 165 per kilometer for large buses and Rs 140 for small buses irrespective of whether there are any passengers or not.

    Shahbaz Sharif ki phopho da rhi hai ya paisy??

    • Who is giving subsidy on electricity bills / Utility stores and other such commodities and services? government paying from own pocket?

    • Even if we assume a milage of 3KM for every litre it cost 25 Rs Per KM making a profit of 140 for each KM and if the bus runs for 100 KM a day it makes 14,000 a day and 420,000 a month

      wow what feasibility the Punjab government has done on the contract

      SUCH genius must be highly appreciated

      • such brilliant calculation though sadly only possible in rides on jadoo ka qaleen operated by jinns. actual contractor had to purchase buses, maintain them, hire staff and recover costs in 6 year period.

        • 25 Rs per KM is enough for petrol, salary and maintenance

          420,000 is pure profit, which gives 5.04 Million profit a year

          if we assume the BUS is purchased at 7.0 Million its 72% profit straight

          IRR may be greater than that

          • share your calculations with barak and other people who submitted bids or better still next time there is tender, do bet with say rs.50 and take the project. Or bet for pindi feeder routes where daewoo asked 190/km and albarak 200/km and govt decided to do the whole bidding process again instead of accepting these bids

  • They need to increase number of buses. In Rawalpindi, unless you start from Islamabad or Saddar Stop, there is not even room to stand in the buses.

  • Islamabad mein bhi aisa kuch transport system hona chahye.. Yahan public transport ka boht masla hai. 1, 1 ghnta Abpara se Barakahu ki gari nhi milti. 50 50 rupay de k jana prta hai.

  • Punjab Govt Launches Air-Conditioned Metro Feeder Bus Service in Lahore (At the expense of federal government) Mian ji walay aisay funds luta rahay hain jaisay Abba ji ki miraas kharach kar rahay hain woh bhi dosray provinces ka haq maar k.

    • Istemal to aam log hi krein ge na bhai. Kuch na hone se kuch behtar to ho raha hai chalo Lahore mein hi sahi apne mulk me kahin to lag rha hai. Yehi kam Musharaf or Zardari k dorr mein bhi ho saktay thay lekin nahi hue. Ab kam az kam ho to rahe hain.

      • tou mulk main sirf lahore hi kyun? pooray baki pakistan main jahan transport na honay k barabar hai, wahan koun farishtay aakar banaien ge? yeh dono bhai sirf lahore pe fund kharch kartey rahien ge pooray Pakistan ka? apnay vote leney ka chakar main? sirf Lahore hi Pakistan hai kia? Lahore se agay Pakistan khatam ho jata?

        • Read about NFC award.

          All provinces get their share and agree on it, if some or other provinces are not spending on public this is their problem not punjab’s.

          This is like lazy kid blaming parents for discrimination when he gets his pocket money like other siblings but is not willing to do anything.

        • bhai Lahore is the Commercial hub of Punjab. ab aap ka kya matlb hai k Sahiwal, sargodha, Pattoki mein pehle chala dein ?? jahan se log nokri or kamai karni lahore aty hain.???

        • Bhai baat tmhari theek hai. Mein sirf ye keh rha hu k chalo Lahore mein laga rahe hain rok to koi sakta nahi hai in ko. Lagaein ge to phr b Lahore mein, lekin Lahore rahe ga to Pakistan mein. Sath to nahi le jaen ge ya India ko to nahi bech dein ge Lahore jatay jatay.

        • بھائی لاہور ،لاہرر ہے —- نئین ریساں شہر لاہور دیاں

      • دھیمے سہی چراغ فروزاں ہوئے تو ہیں — گلشن میں کچھ بہار کے ساماں ہوئے تو ہیں — جاوید ہاشمی

    • What is source of your information that this is from federal government?

      2nd do you know about NFC award on which all provinces agree for distribution of funds? If yes then you will not say “oh bhi dosray provinces ka haq maar k “

  • This point “Metrobus passengers have to pay nothing when transferring to Feeder buses.” is incorrect as it is mentioned clearly in the leaflet available at PMA’s site that a person transferring from METRO to a Feeder Bus has to pay Rs. 20/-.

  • Very beautiful SPEED buses are running on the roads of Lahore. The important thing is that these air condition buses are running without passenger or mostly one or two passengers. The company will be paid by Punjab Government. That is they don’t care whether there is any passenger or not. On the same time on the same road the CHUCKCHI aircrafts are full of passengers in open air, In dust as well as in a very high temperature and In absolutely uncomfortable environment.
    Why it’s so?
    The only reason is that there is no ticketing system In the bus.
    If the Government is really sincere in providing the transport facility to the public. It should immediately take two steps.
    1, start ticketing system In the bus along with cards.
    2: Remove Chunchi Ruksha from roads wher
    e facility of these buses is available.

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