Telenor, Huawei Conduct Successful 5G Tests with 70 Gbps Speeds

Huawei has said that it jointly conducted successful 5G tests with Telenor while achieving 70 Gbps speeds in a controlled lab environment.

Huawei said that this was its first 5G based E-band multi-user MIMO demo with any operator.

Just in case you don’t know, the E-band multi-user MIMO can provide over a 20 Gbps speed rate for a single user.

The test was conducted in Norway, where Telenor is hoping to deploy its first 5G network when it is commercially available.

Telenor said that successful tests will provide insights and learnings to identify necessary steps to undertake from 4G to 5G technology. They will be operated through the Telenor and Huawei Joint Innovation Center.

Telenor Group CEO, Sigve Brekke, and President of Telenor Key Account, Zhang Chao celebrate after watching the demo

  • Uffffff……….. 70Gbps, means i can download a movie in less then a second :P
    well its really awesome news, i still cant imagine what to do with that much speed :D

  • What a great achievement, I hope 5G would be providing at least 1Gbps, opening a great door for the DDOS attacks. I am not sure either 70Gbps is in bytes or bits. If it’s in bytes, it’s beyond amazing; otherwise, it is only 8 Giga Bytes Per Seconds if taken in bits. For downloading such a high speed, we need an ultra fast SSD too. Good start!

    The speed looks like this if you make use of inspect element. LOL! (Ignore p) :P

  • What Pakistan really needs is a better 3G/4G coverage and expanding it to all villages in the country.

  • What is going on in this world :o
    I thought the fastest speed ever possible in todays world is 1Gbps with Google Fibre. And here I am reading about speeds of 70Gbps!
    Unable absorb all this information, probably my brain is running at PTCL speed :P

  • ab pakistani IT scientists yahan akar bytes aur bits mein farq batayengy =D

  • jo company pakistan mein kahein nazar nhi aa rhi wo 5g ,,haaahaha kabhi bhi nhi ,agar yeh test zong yani china mobile ne kia hota to 2019 tak pakistan mein aa jati yeh sahulat…

  • It is the end of FTTH. Nayatel, Optix Multinet, Fiberlink Tes Transworld and Storm Cyber should all packup and go home. 5G and DTH will rule Pakistan.

    • Its not meant for Pakistan . It will Still Take More than 10 years for 5G Deployment in Pakistan till then Enjoy FTTH and PE TE C L DSL & Analogue TV for for Entertainment

      • True. FTTH barely even started in Pakistan, putting an end to PTCL’s misery and monopoly. It’s yet to grow a lot more before other competing options grab a foothold and are able to steer their business models to afford giving the end users, good internet services.

        Its gonna take a decade for 5G powered ISP’s to be able to devise Internet packages/services in direct competition to FTTHs.

        Don’t hesitate and have any second thoughts, if you can avail FTTH services in Pakistan.

        • they are way too expensive dear. way too expensive. Just the price of installation runs above 10K.

          • Yes. FTTH is expensive but reliable AF, which is why most companies have introduced installment plans to cushion the blow. And the total monthly bill you get is still less than PTCL’s 4Mbps Internet package which is used widely by almost half the customers of PTCL.

            And the best part, after installments are completed, you would be getting double the speeds at half the price as compared to PTCL.

            One FTTH rising star ISP in Punjab is Nayatel.

            Does Unlimited 8Mbps for Rs. 1700 sound good to you? Probably yeah.

            • I tried to get FTH but they were saying we dont offer this in your area. secondly another important aspect of this is it requires good servers at the back-end and with current bad business environment in Pakistan no one is willing to make investment. So I am not sure will it be always reliable even if they start offering it in my area as many users pointed out there is downtime of many hours for some providers.

              • That’s why I specifically mentioned “IF ONE CAN AVAIL FTTH” because its not available everywhere in Pakistan and which is why I also did not resist in making an effort to mention that FTTH HAS BARELY EVEN STARTED IN PAKISTAN,

                Coming towards your question now,

                You can rest assured that your speeds would be top-notch and ping times as low as they can be. Downtime is like once or twice a month during 12am to 6am window when everyone’s asleep, is always scheduled and its only for maintenance/upgradation activities so that they are able to provide better services in the long run.

                Exceptional cases like Submarine cable damages are rare and beyond their control so I’m sure you can cut em some slack if this happens once a year.

                FTTH services are the BEST that PAKISTAN can offer you for all your THIRSTY VOLUME-FILLED Internet needs, right now.

                • I know what you are talking about. It is cool tech , personally I have been using cable internet abroad and know what scum is ptcl and their crappy dsl.

                    • I knw someone among my relatives used to work there after arabs they are just sucking juice of Pakistanis for etisalat.

                    • @AbdulB1
                      Very rightly put. Etisilat is offering arabs competitive FTTH services using PTCL’s extended infrastructure in UAE. It partly owns PTCL too.

                      Nayatel seems like a lazy-ass company pertaining to the fact that it was foundded in 2004 and is still yet to cover the twin cities wholly and is only now in a position to start its services in some areas of Faisalabad.

                      BUT IT’S NOT!

                      Nayatel only has 1000-1500 employees and every single one of them have been working their asses off and especially in the starting 5 years.

                      That hard-work paid off bigtime and the company took off!

                      As it would generate revenue, its going to hire more manpower to do it’s dark-fiber underground diggings and hence would be able to provide services across Pakistan slowly but surely.

                      In its soul, its powered by people who resigned from PTCL because of dissatisfaction and gathered, to break the PTCL monopoly and help the businesses of Pakistan get a tatse of the first world. They proved how inefficient PTCL has always been.

                      ROUGH GUESS FOR A STRAIGHT ANSWER:
                      It’s gonna take atleast a decade, if not more, Owaiis!

                    • PTCL is not just the monopoly which is sucking juice of Pakistanis WAPDA and NEPRA also come into the same picture.

                    • You seem to know a lot about Nayatel. Tell me do they fulfill the requirements of a gamer which ptcl miserably fails? :P Also what do the timings on their internet package offerings mean?? and should i switch to Nayatel because as a gamer im very unsatisfied about the high ping and stuff?

                    • I personally have a Nayatel Home 55GB Plus internet package. The speeds are 5Mbps from 8am to 8pm with 55GB cap and Unlimited @ 7Mbps from 8pm to 8am as well as complete Saturdays and Sundays.

                      60ms on Dubai. Around 170ms across Europe. 150ms Singapore and 250ms US.

                      Never had any problem playing COD Black Ops 3 multiplayer and various other games on steam. Smooth and stable internet connection because of fiber optics.

                      On PTCL, due to a copper connection, if any home member does any activity on the internet e.g plays YouTube videos, the gamer from the same home would have massive ping fluctuations because of low SNR and often the connection disconnects as a result.

                      A Nayatel connection on the other hand does not have any such problems and wont be affected by strong ghales, rainy weather etc. ReliableAF!

                      Nayatel has a symmetrical internet connection unlike PTCL, which not only means same upload speeds as download but also that you can use both at the same time. For example, I can download and upload simultaneously at 7Mbps.

                      Check out their new Unlimited bundle which offers Unlimited YouTube Facebook Google drive Google play store instagram at 10Mbps in addition to the base internet speed for just 200Rs.

                      Plus countless other benefits, which I don’t have enough time to enlist.

                    • Goto their website and check out the packages according to your needs.

                    • @hannadshad:disqus Valid and interesting points. FTTH is not even properly started and ptcl is feeling the heat. Help me confirm something if you can, if it true that Nayatel has only services in twin cities and started in faisalabad last november ? And what time will it take for Nayatel to go across whole Pakistan, you think ?

    • I dont think so that 5G will be able to still cater for densely populated Pakistan. The more users there are the slower speed becomes. I bet you even get 10 mb from this fast internet even if comes into Pakistan. They also didn’t told you about how many frequency band they used to achieve that, Pakistan only had 10 Mhz blocks for 3g or 4g while in world over they sell over 50 Mhz to each operator.

  • Government should forget about 4g they should instead focus on 5g launch in Pakistan. I will disconnect my dsl and will use 5g net.

    • Contrary to numerous blog reports, the Internet speed at NASA is not 91 gigabits per second. That speed was achieved on a specific connection between SC13 in Denver and the NASA Goddard facility in Maryland during an experiment.

      The experiment utilized the ESnet, which allows site to site file transfer at up to 100 gigabits per second, for two sites connected via ESnet. It does not relate to regular internet access, at all.

      Here is a detailed presentation about the experiment:

  • Currently in the world the fastest connection is at NASA , over one gigabyte

  • Yeah right, 70Gbps speed with a 5GB data cap. Adhay second me data plan khatam.

  • It means we as a single user will be getting around 156.25 MBPS download transfer rate.

    Thanks #Telenor

  • Seen this one… its still less speed .. will increase further in a few months …..WHAT we forgot to write is the latency improvement… thats about 1 ms in 5G compared to 10 ms… this 4G this will open the doors for IoT and Machine to 2 Machine communications and soo many other options.. in Future.. Uber and Careem will not use drivers .. (just driverless cars and buses)… (Drivers can just sit in koka and sip tea and discuss the last night talk show :)

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