UK Wants to Join CPEC

According to officials the United Kingdom has been looking at projects in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) because it hopes to become a key partner in the project which is worth $51 billion in itself right now. This is the latest report from yesterday.

The UK Minister of State for International Trade, Greg Hands, held a trade roundtable meeting in Islamabad on Tuesday. This was attended by important government officials and those from private firms, including the UK High Commissioner to Pakistan and his counterpart, the Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK, representatives of British firms, experts in policy-making, and Chinese officials. The UK, too, wants to host a “larger CPEC conference” in Islamabad in May.

More Opportunities

He also went on to say that the UK has a lot of global influence and can prove to be an important partner for the two countries already involved. “We have a clear ambition to increase trade with both China and Pakistan and UK businesses are well placed to capitalize on the new opportunities in the region,” he added.

The Pakistan High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Syed Ibne Abbas, also stated at the meeting that the Department of International Trade at Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) London organized that relations between Pakistan and China have been tested by time and always proved to be good.

CPEC invests in its $54 billion in four main areas of infrastructure, energy, Special Economic Zones, and the Gwadar port which would give the required push that Pakistan’s economy desperately needs and creating, as a result, huge opportunities for all global corporate enterprises.

Syed Ibne Abbas also went to accentuate the success Pakistan has achieved recently, with the 5.2% economic growth rate, international credit rating agencies giving the economy the status of “emerging market”, and the Pakistan Stock Exchange being declared as being one of the five best performing stock exchanges of the world.

He further invited British private and governmental investors and businesses to take advantage of Pakistan’s strategic position, tough economy, and the growing consumer economy. Business opportunities are vast in the country for consumer goods producers.

China’s Ambassador to the UK also stated that relations between Pakistan and China have always been mutually beneficial and that Pakistan’s geographical location, future economic potential, and demographic break up will always be a great advantage for CPEC.

He also added that China’s Belt One Road is open to all countries and currently more than a hundred have shown their support for it.

  • great opportunity for Pakistani entrepreneurs and job seeker should not lose and do not go abroad for dirty jobs.

    • Please explain, how is it a good opportunity for us? UK people will invest, use our labour force or natural resources, and extract money back to their home country. Yes we will get employed but wealth will leave Pakistan.

      • At least there will be SOME degree of trade and benefit to pakistan itself. Yes money will leave the country, but definitely not at the rates of $10 billion a day it is leaving right now through money laundering.

        • I am not sure how one leads to the other. I think the outflow will stay going out even when there is investment. I don’t see any reason why it would be affected in volume.

      • If you have educated enough or if you have studies economics/commerce then you would’ve realized how important is foreign investment in the country. In India there are thousands of multinational companies investing, they’re earning but giving jobs to the people. Eventually economy grows at better rate than the current one.

        • Ironically, neither Russia, China, nor the UK (the CPEC partners) got rich by foreign investment.

    • Industrialists will suffer heavily. Govt. should put a full stop here until they mature their local industry, otherwise China will be the only player in the market as it produces cheaper, not so good quality products that reach the audience. First and foremost step is to help local businesses, industries, entrepreneurs.

  • Baghal me churi mun se ram ram !
    They are not here to help us , they just are doing things to support their economy post brexit.

    • jb isreal ko shamal kr lain gaye tb sab sa phaly aap ko he takleef honi hai

      • israel ko shamal kar ke hamare siastdano ne pitna hai kisi se. chalo aap ko khush karne ke liye israel + india. lol

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