Ironic: Fake Anti-Corruption Officers Arrested by Real Ones

Anti-corruption officials and police have arrested a gang of four fake anti-corruption officials during a raid. These fake officials were apprehended from Multan and Bahawalpur following an anonymous tip to the anti-corruption unit.

The alleged criminals impersonated the Director of the Anti-Corruption department in their individual capacities, scamming citizens by forcing them to dish out heavy amounts in bribes.

The gang of fake anti-corruption officials operated in four different areas, where each fake Director (Anti-Corruption), pressurized and blackmailed the local WAPDA officials and other citizens.

The anti-corruption unit used the alleged criminals’ mobile numbers to identify and locate them. The four gang members were arrested from Bhurewala, Pakpatan, Khanewal and Bahawalnagar.

The unit has also arrested an official of the Bait-ul-Maal over embezzlement charges in the zakat funds. The alleged criminal amassed Rs 20 lacs illegally and took bribes to issue fake disabled certificates.

This is not the first instance of a fake government official scamming other public service officials. A fake minister fooled the nearly all government offices, secured official privileges, and even scammed the PM house. It took the police and FIA 6 whole years to identify the criminal. In separate incidents bogus education minister, a police DSP and a chief justice were also arrested.

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A fake NAB official was also arrested who made millions by conning the general public. There have been other incidents like this as well where phony judges and NADRA officials were caught at the relevant government departments.

These and several other similar incidents have happened within the past few months. Unfortunately, these con men were able to defraud millions of rupees from innocent citizens before getting caught in the process.

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  • abey bahi in ke shaklo se lagta hai ke yeh anti corruption ke directors etc hai. facepalm.

  • Why you posted Nawaz Sharif’s photo in heading? What He has to do with this story? Why not Zardari’s, Fazal u rehman’s, Imran Khan’s, Altaf Hussain’s or Asfand Yars Wali’s?

    I know you are Youthiya, But have some respect for your P.M

    P.S: Don’t tag me as patwari because in my opinion ALL politicians are corrupt.

    • All politicians are not corrupt. And world is not black and white.

      Nawaz Sharif’s picture is there because there’s a corruption case against him awaiting a result which according to many sources is going to be against him. The picture is only fitting.

      • Majority of Pakistanis overseas can’t provide any legal proof of remittance to their families in years, as per law they are part of chain of money launderers.

        One so called leader who advised to use this channel of remittance is self claimed savior of the nation.

        • Himmat hai bhai tumhari.
          Jahan baadshah salamat k against koi bolay foran aa jatay ho usko defend krne.

      • He is accused untill now not sentenced yet, So technically you and your logic is biased.

        And can you swear about any politician in Pakistan that He is not any kind of corrupt?

        • The picture is used because all these cases are happening in his government and btw politician corrupt nae ha hum corrupt han esi lia har corrupt bandy ko select karty han taky hmari corruption na roky,

          • Agree. Than why to use Nawaz Sharif’s pic only? Why not yours? Or mine? Or of a any national symbol?

        • I can’t swear but rest assure that Mr. Raza Rabbani is the man. I am not taking sides with any political party but you have to agree with me on this. In my opinion Mr. Raza Rabbani is the only person who has never been even accused for corruption.
          P.S: I hate PPP more than any other political party. And Imran Khan should be given a chance on federal level. Jahan bakiyon ne itna khaya ha agr Imran Khan b kha ly ga tau kya ho ga?

          • The way PPP looted this country but Raza Rabbani being still in PPP and supporting/defending is a bigger corruption than monetary corruption.

            • I was giving you an example of a politician who has not been accused of corruption. Now where his allegiance lies, its another story.
              BTW can you please send me link of any news article where Mr. Raza Rabbani is openly defending any corruption case?

    • you know when their is a story of fake news breaker, then Aamir Atta will put his fathers picture…………….

  • Anti corruption department is under provincial government…why showing PM in picture?
    What writer wants to show/prove? Or is confuse or wants readers to be confused ?

    2nd why is it “ironic” that fake ones are arrested?

  • why there is Nawaz Sharif’s Picture on cover ? this Proves this is ProPTI and AntiPMLN site. @Aamir Atta have some dignity bhai.
    P.S i am not from PMLN i’m just a pakistani

    • The Verge, one of the biggest names in technology and culture is Pro Democrat. What’s your point?

      • Technology and democracy are two different subjects. My point is news shouldn’t be used to spread your own agenda, or make this site a personal blog.

      • All Ali and others above are highlighting this ill-intention by the author fro portraying the P.M, you can have your allegiances but not in a pathetic manner like this post…. booo PP

        • thank you for highlighting my point. but guess what ? people who do not like NS personally are defending this post :D

  • Hahaha, by seeing Nawaz picture on top of the list do we assume he’s a fake PM? or leader of these arrested thugs?

  • Nawaz Sharif’s photo in heading? Keep pushing your agenda through the site, Pro-PTI Walo.

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