Easypay’s Request2Pay: Accept Online Payments Without Your Own Website

Easypay has introduced a unique payment service; the Request2Pay Portal that will allow online merchants and sellers or even the freelancers to accept payments without maintaining a dedicated website .

This essentially means that you can accept payments — via credit, debit card or easypaisa retailers — through an Easypaisa hosted webpage, instead of having your own website.

So if you operate your online business on Facebook, via WhatsApp, email or any other social platform and are looking for a reliable way to collect online payments from your customers without any direct integration with the Easypay systems themselves, then the Request2Pay portal is exactly what you need.

No website required, no integration hassles, no issues!

The Request2Pay Portal allows registered merchants/sellers to login, and create online orders for their customers. The Portal then sends a secure SMS and e-mail payment link to the customer.

When the customer clicks on the SMS or E-mail link, they are routed to a secure Easypay Payment Page, where they see the payment amount and they can choose any of the three payment options within Easypay to pay for their order.

The Request2Pay Portal allows registered merchants/sellers to create a single payment order or to place multiple orders in bulk for multiple customers as well.

For bulk orders, the merchants need to upload a payment file in a specified format and the Portal will send out secure SMS and e-mail payment links to all the customers.

Once the customers complete their payment, the registered merchant/seller can always come back to the Request2Pay Portal to view their order history and lookup the status of a particular order to see if it has been paid or still pending.

What Online Businesses are saying about this new feature?

To learn more about Request2Pay portal, please visit EasyPaisa’s website.

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  • First tell them to improve their web portal, that is so pathetic to use, they cant even handle few thousand requests and call themselves trend setters -__-

      • whenever you try to pay through easypay integrated for payment gateway in any website. You can even see the exception page on browser. don’t they test before release!!!

        • This is the real benefit of R2P, no need to integrate anymore. Just sign up and create payment requests directly.

          • So what, you are going to admit that there is an issue?
            We’ll see if its upto the standard, and hopefully you Telenor owns the issues if come up and not give excuses like the issues i mentioned.

        • My friend – There are more than 250 online merchants using the Easypay gateway today, merchants like Daraz and Yayvo and Bookme – with more signing up every day. There are almost 1000 transactions processed daily. WHAT exception page are you talking about man?

      • Oh Bhai, pehley other mobile network users ko direct account debit karnay ka haq de dou phir yeh dosri chonchlaybaziyaan bhi kar lena. Mere pass easypaisa account hai n I’m on ufone network and i can’t pay directly from account. Asked from easypaisa customer services they said only Telenor customers can pay directly so either shift to Telenor or buy Telenor sim. That’s only solution, so what’s the point of having easypaisa account?

        • Bhaijan – if you’re using the Easypaisa Smartphone App or transacting by USSD or SMS, you can make payments on Easypay – regardless of the Mobile Network SIM you have. Please check the Easypaisa Account website for more details.

          • No bro, u can only pay bills, fees, etc n mobile top up but u can’t pay directly to a merchant from app or sms. Like remember there was black Friday sale from daraz. So there were 3 categories, easypaisa shop, easypaisa card and easypaisa account. N maximum discount was on easypaisa account. So as u make ur order a push sms comes at ur cell phone asking u to enter your pin code so the payment is made to merchant. So that option doesn’t work for other mobile network easypaisa users. N if u pay through voucher you’ll get a way less discount.

          • N see that Waji was representative of easypaisa n he understood what I’m pointing out. That’s why he had no answer. So this easypaisa for other mobile network users is limited.

  • I have not used this yet but from the article it sounds like payoneer’s request a payment feature. If this works like that than it will also be very useful for local freelancers working with local clients

    • Technologically, you could also accept payments from international clients, as Easypay works with any credit card, debit card.

      • Yes that can also work but some clients might not prefer to pay in a different currency than USD but it really depends on who you are working with. However I just checked and the merchant signup form seems to be geared toward businesses and not independent freelancer at this time. Maybe they can partner with PITB or e-rozgar team and market this directly to local freelancers as well

        • Both businesses and freelancers can use it. Freelancers can sign up as a sole proprietor with Easypay.

          • I know its been a year but if you see this hopefully I will get my answer. As sole proprietor do you know how much time will it take from registration to accepted merchant?

  • It sounds pretty interesting. Can you accept payment in USD, EU, and pounds? Internationally?

    Do they have an API? I can build a wrapper for them if they are reading this comment… so that freelancera could use their payment sys without their website.

    • All currencies are accepted. International payments are also accepted.
      If you prefer direct integration two kinds of APIs are available. One redirects you to the Easypay check out page. The second lets customers enter payment details right on your website to make shopping easier. They do have some plugins too.
      R2P is really for people who don’t have their own website and want to avoid the hassle of integration. Easypay gives you the R2P website which lets you create a payment request on behalf of your customer.

      • Asalam-o-Alaikum Waji,
        We are already using Easypay on our website and are very happy with it. I want to have have Request2Pay as most of the customer do not understand or feel comfortable with checkout process. Kindly guide me to whom I may contact for easiest and quickest process.

      • Hello Mr. Waji, i have recently integrated Easypay option in my website which is similar to daraz & yayvo but has unique vintage items for sale manufactured by my firm. Most of our clients are from USA & prefer to pay in USD instead of PKR. Funny thing is when someone checks out with easypay with cart amount lets say $80, the portal page shows Rs.80 !! so just wanted to know if there is any other procedure or API which deals with international currency seperately ? I`ve emailed the associate manager a few times but have not heard from him yet. Any solutions ?

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