Punjab Govt Has Announced Timings for Summer Vacations 2017

Through a public notification, the schedule for summer vacations has been announced by the Punjab government’s education department.

It has been revealed that vacations will begin from 1st June this year. School timings have also been changed for the remaining days until the vacations.

The change in timings and the new summer vacation schedule are a consequence of the “dry and hot” predictions by the weather department. The notification is applicable to all private and public schools, colleges and universities.

The administration has clearly announced that there will be no summer camps during the summer vacations in any educational institutes in Punjab. Any violations will result in the cancellation of the school’s license.

Summer vacations will begin on 1st June and will last until the 14th of August 2017. Holy month of Ramadan will commence in the last week of May making it more difficult for educational institutes to continue considering the summer heat. School timings were re-set based on the shift and type of school.

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Schedule for winter vacations has also been announced for hilly areas of Punjab. Educational institutes will remain closed starting December 20th to March 4th. Cooler areas, like Murree and Kotli Satian, will get summer vacations from July 16 to July 29.

The education department has warned private schools from taking any advance fee for the whole vacations.

Schools which violate any of the above notifications will risk having their registration cancelled.

The weather is already very hot in some areas of the country. Yesterday, Sindh government announced holidays due to the severity of the summer heat.

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  • Afsooos ki baat hay, 1st april ko session start hoa hay or abi say Summer vacations bhi announce kr di…
    abi to bacho ko books bhi nai milii…

  • The education department has warned private schools from taking any advance fee for the whole vacations.

    Not sure is par implement hota hai ya nahi, but yahan Karachi main tu aisa koi scene nahi. Abhi 3 din pehle hi 2 months ki fees pay ki hai aur 2 months pehle bhi 2 months ki ek sath li thi to cover june & july :-(

    • Some ‘greedy’ schools in Punjab also charge for the transportation even during vacation. 2 or 3 monthly installments now a norm.

      • Boss maine tu kabhi nahi sunna ke transportation walon ne kabhi vacations ki fees na li ho? Vacations ki fees ko school wale, vans wale apna azali haq samajhte hain.

        • BTW, I was only referring to those schools who offer their own transportation and charge on the same voucher.

  • wese advance fee is I think right of the school. Because they have to pay salaries to regular teachers anyway. If they have to pay salaries then they have to right to take fee. Else they will have to increase the fee to the point where they can manage salaries without taking advance fee etc.

        • There is also something called late fee fine. I believe schools should give options to parents whether they would like to pay monthly or in installments.

          • That brings us back to the issue which Adnan raised in the comment above. School has to pay salaries to the teachers. If, according to you, parents are given a choice of paying monthly or in installments, and they choose to pay in monthly but don’t really pay till august, then schools won’t be able to pay the teachers. I run a private school myself in a rural area and I know how much of a hassle it is to collect fee from parents in summer vacations.

            • Private schools should have sufficient funds to operate. The commentary is not targeted towards small private schools.

              • but i can bet that the target of this particular notification will be small private schools. big guns will operate the way they want.

            • If those schools were collecting fee via bank, ‘such parents would have learnt’ the ‘late fee fine’. If a school is in such an extremely rural area where there is no bank, then the school might charge fine at the time of payment or carry the fine in the next month fee slip.

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