Here Are 6 of the Best YouTube Channels for Learning about Science

The internet is a mine of knowledge and if you are interested in learning about almost anything, you can find a good resource to learn about it online. What’s even better is that almost all of these resources are available for free, and even the ones that are paid charge you a nominal fee.

Sites like KhanAcademy, Udemy, Coursera, all have whole academic courses available online. Even Ivy League colleges, some of the world’s best-ranked colleges, offer some of their courses online for free for anyone to take. However, those courses are more focused towards the academic part of learning and not if you just want to spend some time learning about things you are interested in just for fun or out of sheer curiosity.

So, if you are a person who loves to learn just for the fun of it, we are sharing a list of some of the best YouTubers that cover a range of topics under the umbrella of Science.

1. MinutePhysics

Category: Physics

Subscribers: 3 Million+

Have you ever wondered why the solar system is flat? Do you ever daydream about whether to run or to walk when it rains to stay safe from the cold? Have you come across some mind-boggling paradox that you just can’t get your head around? Well, MinutePhyiscs is the way to go to learn all that and more.

The channel uses a combination of teaching techniques, including some cool animations to instill a concept. They are easy and fun to watch and the audio is easily understandable. Most of the bite-sized videos are ranged from 2 to 4 minutes, but they also upload longer 10+ minute videos for more complex paradoxes, like “How to Teleport Schrödinger’s Cat”.

They also add reference links in every video’s description so anyone can double-check the information they are providing.

2. TED

Category: Science

Subscribers: 4 Million+

Did you know that there is a creature that can survive without any water for decades as well as survive high levels of radiation? Watch this brilliant educational video by TED to learn about this creature, the Tardigrade.

While technically not a science account, TED is one of the best sources for talks from some of the greatest minds on the planet. It is also home to wonderful scientific talks on their official TED channel and short, beautifully-created educational videos on the TED-Ed channel.

Videos on the TED-Ed channel are designed for the masses and employ some incredible animation techniques. Not only does the use of animation make it everything more easy to understand, but it makes it a joy to watch.

3. Numberphile

Category: Numbers

Subscribers: 2 Million+

More interested in numbers? Would you like to know what is the best way to scientifically cut a cake? Or would you like to see a printed one -mile long list of the first million digits of Pi, “π”? Numberphile is a channel dedicated to just that— videos about numbers.

Their teaching method differs from video to video and is mostly guy or a girl describing some number-problem or paradox in their own favored ways. The instructor is different for almost every video and their videos range can range anywhere from 3 minutes to 20 minutes.

4. SciShow

Category: General Science

Subscribers: 4 Million+

Featuring a diverse range of topics under the umbrella of Science, the SciShow has a number of notable insturctors, including Hank Green, a popular vlogger and the creator of the world’s largest conference about online videos, Vidcon. His videos are filled with a critical skepticism and also a touch of humor, that make them entertaining as well as easily understandable.

The channel has a weekly schedule for specific kinds of videos each day and one day — Sunday, reserved just for some good old Question and Answers. Some of the channel’s most popular videos are where Hank analyzes the science behind current events.

5. Veritasium

Category: Science and Engineering

Subscribers: 4 Million+

Started by filmmaker, Derek Muller, Veritasium explores all kinds of questions that might plague a human mind; Where does the sun get its energy? How to make a levitating barbecue using Electromagnetic induction? And, there is also an HD slow-motion video of a slinky just in case.

His videos are anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes and mostly involve the guy talking to the camera, explaining concepts as he tries out or experiments with a number of things.

6. It’s Okay To Be Smart

Category: Science (Universe)

Subscribers: 1 Million+

This channel covers a range of topics, from general science queries like “How an Igloo keeps you warm” to questions about our earth the universe it exists in. Some of the channel’s more diverse topics include “Why Don’t Other Animal Wear Glasses?” and “Does my Dog know what I am thinking?”.

Any other good YouTube channels about Science we should know about? Be sure to recommend your favorite channels in the comments section below.

    • I admit Vsauce, ASAPScience, Bozeman Science, SmarterEveryday, they are all great YouTube channels for learning about Science but I found these 6 to be the best due to a number of factors.
      Hope that answers the question. Cheers.

      • If the question is about learning science. ASAPScience,Vsauce,SmarterEverday beats TED. TED covers larger area. What we have mentioned focuses on science.

        • That’s true too but, personally, I have found TED’s talks on scientific topics, especially the ones on TED Ed’s page, to be more interesting, easily understandable, and better-made than most of the other channels.

    • ‘Vintage Space’ for a very good insight into history of space program/space travel

    • Those are both very specific topics so I am not sure if you find any channel dedicated to just those. However, you can search for those topics on YouTube and I am sure you will find a lot of helpful videos.
      TED also has some really great talks on both of these topics.

        • Not sure about Maths channels. There’s this one Pakistani guy who uploads some really good videos – NumberTainment, do check it out.

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