PSO Clarifies That Full Car Tanks in Summer Won’t Explode

Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has announced that filling fuel tank to its full capacity poses no threat of any kind to the cars or its passengers.

PSO made the statement after a Whatsapp message went viral over the past few days. The message falsely claimed that PSO had warned the public against filling fuel tanks to the full capacity in light of increasing temperatures.

Here is the complete message that was circulated on social media:

Due to increase in temperature in the coming days, please don’t fill petrol to the maximum limit. It may cause explosion in the fuel tank. Fill the tank about half and allow space for air.

The PSO’s official response is as follows.

Auto igniting temperature of petrol is way above the highest temperatures during summers in Pakistan. Filling your fuel tank to its full capacity poses no threat of any kind neither to the car nor to its passengers and its deemed completely safe and beneficial to the running of the car.

  • I don’t read or pay attention to these “public service” messages that arrives on whatsapp.
    Probably some kids with way too much time on hand spreading false rumors. Its the girls who become fooled easily and they are the usually ones forwarding it to me, i usually get a good smile out of them though.

  • Waisay Bhi :
    Company Fuel Pe He Log Tank Full Karwatey Hai (Jaisay I am)
    Otherwise Log 50 Ya Mushkil Se 100 Se Upper to Dalwatey He Nahi Q?K Chori He Ho Jati Hai !

    • O bhai gari k tank ki baat ho rahi h.
      Bike k tank ko kuch nhi hota. Bike k tank ka fuel cap tou proper air tight bhi nhi hota tou phatna kya h.

  • But it might be possible that Petrol expand due to increase in temperature and may cause explosion, as water pipes explode during winter season.
    I am not sure about this.

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