Quranic Education is Now Compulsory in Federal Schools & Colleges

A new bill passed by the National Assembly has made Quran education compulsory.

Titled “Compulsory Teaching of the Holy Quran Bill 2017”, it will be applicable on students from Grade 1 to Grade 12 in federal education institutes. Students in Grade 1 through 5 will be taught Naazrah Quran (recitation). Grade 6 – 12 students will be taught the Holy Quran and its translation.

The Holy Quran Bill 2017 will only apply on Muslim students.

All schools in Islamabad – both private and government – are to comply with the new bill as well.

The bill was presented before the house by Minister of Federal Education and Professional Training Balighur Rehman. It will be signed by PM Nawaz Sharif to gain law status.

Breaking down the total percentage:

  • 5% of the Quran will be covered in 6th grade
  • 9% in 7th
  • 12% in 8th
  • 17% in 9th
  • 25% in 10th grade
  • 15% in 11th grade or 1st year
  • 17% in 12th grade or 2nd year

Additionally 1st and 2nd year pupils will be learning Madni Surahs (revealed in Madinah). According to the bill:

It will make the divine message understood; ensure the repose of society; peace and tranquility; Promote the supreme human values of truth, honesty, integrity, character building, tolerance, understanding others’ point of view and way of life. It will lead towards spreading goodness and auspiciousness and towards ending chaos and uncertainty.

The bill further reads that the students and teachers will not need to buy additional copies of the Holy Quran or naazrah books as they will be donated to all the federal government schools. Training will not be an issue either as these institutes already have teachers who can recite the Quran and the translation.

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    • Pakistan ka matlab kia.. La illaha illallah.. Brother that was the reason to have Pakistan.. And this step should have been taken in 1947.. So accept this with good heart…

      • HaHa
        A moment of silence for those who still think Pakistan is a secular country.
        This country came into being on the name of Allah and Rasool (s.a.w) and no one can change its ideological foundations

      • pk ma mtlab…tha La illaha illallah.???then where is islamic law….as it is only in saudia and iran

      • And what is your religion doing to our country, don’t you see?
        What stimulates people to do such heinous crimes in the name of religion?
        Have you deeply studied this religion of peace?
        I am sure you haven’t.
        That is why you are want to enforce that 1400 years old Arab Beduen culture in this 21st century of civilized people.
        Secularism is the only hope of prosperity and success in Pakistan.
        All developed countries are secular.

  • wow! but instead of making students learn(ratta) the quran/ayaat they should teach them only and and show them examples…and not take exams on these basiscs

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