HEC Launches Online Complaints Portal for Students

Despite lack of funds, Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has been trying to automate and digitize its operations. Processes like the Degree Attestation Service and Degree Equivalence Service can now be carried out remotely.

The commission has recently launched a new portal which will enable students to get their higher education related complaints resolved.

Students or former students can use the portal to log their grievances with the HEC. The commission then appoints focal personnel to deal with each respective case.

Complaints can be launched in the following categories:

  • Admission related issues
  • Use of false or misleading information
  • Bribery or demand for undue money for any educational institution
  • Gender, race or cast discrimination
  • Any sort of harassment
  • Unfair evaluation in exams
  • Scholarship[ related issues
  • Fee problems with universities or HEC
  • Any other administrative issues in universities, colleges or with HEC

Students who wish to log their grievances need to register an online account with the HEC. Mobile phone number and email address verification is compulsory for account registration.

Unfortunately, HEC has a tediously lengthy process before an account is created and an online complaint can be launched. Students need to fill their profiles which requires detailed personal information, family information, documents, picture, contact details, educational history, employment background, publication & project information and other minute details like skills, affiliations and certifications.

Once all the information has been added, any of the available applications, like the grievance lodging application, ca be accessed.

It is a nice step by the HEC to introduce a centralised an online management system for complaints. However, the commission needs to simplify the process even further for the ease of students.

The complaints portal can be accessed here.

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  • Good :
    Mazeed Or Bhi Compliant add Hona Chahyeh tha :
    ) Paper Re Check System Or Scrutiny not satisfied by Uni.
    ) Low Marks
    ) Low Percentage Or Grade
    ) Cheating Khullam Khulla at Uni Premises
    ) Parking Problem at Uni

    Anyway what about SSC & HSC Online Complaint :

  • They should also state if they’ll keep the identity of the student who’s complaining undisclosed or not.

  • Why cm gave laptop in 2014 on metric base…We need now …It is our demand to give us in pm phase 3 also…We now in uni …We have nothing…That’s laptops have been finished…Plz pay attention…

  • Sorry to say once again another pathetic Web portal by Government of Pakistan. For last 2 months I am trying to register on this portal but no luck.
    Getting attestation done by physical appearance in person was taking one whole day but with automation it is taking more than 60 days.
    Super pathetic!

  • I don’t understand Why the hack the Servers goes down at night. Even my personal Web portal with millions of hits is working lot better than this poor quality, pathetic Web portal

  • Sir I want to forget my account of HEC test but I did not resrece the password ..so what should I do

  • HEC should take an action against the dues at KFUEIT ryk. They are not spreading education, they are just running their own business. So please take an action as soon as possible. Thank you

  • I want to complaint about HEC they don’t do their work properly so how can I make a complaint about them about the degrees attestation

  • By mistake my father CNIC was there instead of mine in laptop form. All data were right but only this what should I do.

  • Sir I am a student of BBA Honours 3rd semester a mistake in my laptop form my all data was ok but only just a mistake in my cnic number my my father’s NIC was there in the form instead of mine IIT professor was not giving my laptop he said that your cnic number is changed so you have to contact with HEC complaint cell.

  • But I received my laptop, because it was mine, of my name form HEC. They can’t hold my laptop just only on that my father CNIC was instead of mine.

  • i have a MS student .In recently phd test is organized in islamia college peshawar. every student open in his mobile and solve all the test and qualify the test this is the merit of HEC. No Nts employee are involve all the Department staff are stant and share all the Test his student. I have personel Requested to sir please investigate this problem and arrange again this test in Nts site please sir.

  • LCD of my Laptop is not in better condition.About the replacement of Laptop written on warranty card If any problem create in Laptop.I get this Laptop in Phase 5 Kindly replace my Laptop in short time.

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